Jessica Korda Net Worth 2019

Who is Jessica Korda and what is her net worth 2019? Jessica Korda is not an unfamiliar name in the golf industry. She is a well known golf player who plays in the LPGA tours. She is from a family of tennis players. Her parents Regina Rajchrtova and Petr Korda are well known but retired tennis players. She has a sister called Nelly Korda. Jessica has a boyfriend and he served her as a caddy in the 2013 U.S. Women’s Open. She hails from USA and she is a professional golfer.

Early Life

She is very young and was born in the year 1993 in Florida. Sports is in her blood as both her parents are sportsmen. Jessica has a brother as well. Her sister is young and Nelly is following the footsteps of her elder sister Jessica. Jessica has won the LPGA tour once and she continues to be at the top in her field.

Jessica Korda Net Worth

Net Worth of Jessica Korda

Jessica is a very young golf player but she is a professional. She does not take her career lightly. Jessica Korda is one of the best in her field. Jessica’s net worth is $1.6 million. She has had a fantastic career so far and it brought her good enough wealth. At such a young age, it is commendable to be earning what she earns. She won $165,000 in her first tournament which was praise-worthy. After that, her salary has been increasing. Her parents have guided her very well. In 2015, she earned $300,000. Jessica is certainly reaching for the stars with her golf skills.

Jessica Korda has not been in many controversies. It was just once when she fired her caddie and her boyfriend who is a well known golf player took the place. She fired the caddie midway and told her boyfriend to grab the bag and come along with her. She is dating Johnny DelPrete currently. They share a happy relationship but Jessica likes to keep the details about her relationship personal and not out in the open. However this act of hers did clear the air and made it evident that he is her boyfriend.

Jessica Korda’s World Ranking has been commendable. According to Women’s World Golf Rankings, Jessica was ranked 29 in 2016. She was rank 26 in 2015. However in the year 2008, her rank was 330 which means that she has worked really hard to get to where she is today. Jessica Korda is a hardworking golf player. She has made her parents proud with the golf skills.

Jessica Korda is not just a famous golf player! She is also one of the authors in Golf Digest. This shows her interest in writing. She is considered one of the most good looking women in the field of golf. She is a part of the Golf Digest and writes for the portal. She is a keen author.

The sisters Jessica and Nelly got to play together in Bahamas LPGA Season 2017. They travelled together and looked very excited to be playing together. The two sisters share a great bond and are happily travelling together. The sister tweet and post their pictures on social media a lot. One can easily make out that the sisters are very close to each other. They recently shared many pictures of their LPGA tour. It was very nice to see the two beautiful sisters together enjoying their time together. It was all over social media!

Jessica Korda is young and beautiful. She keeps her personal life behind wraps and takes her profession very seriously. It is good to see the youth being so dedicated towards their career. It gives inspiration to their youth fans to achieve their dreams. Being the daughter of professional sportsmen, Jessica has never taken advantage of that. She has worked very hard to reach where she is.

Also, it is commendable to be reaching at top position at such an early age. We wish that Jessica gets all the success that she is working hard for. Her fan following is great and we are all waiting to see more of her. She is a 4 time LPGA champion and we wish it gets better every passing day for her career.