Gary Anderson Net Worth 2018

Who is Gary Anderson and what is his net worth 2018? Gary Anderson is a Darts Champion. He is one of the best in Darts. He is Scottish and was born in the year 1970. He is originally from Musselburgh. He moved to Berwickshire after he met his ex wife Rosemary. He is living with his partner Rachel in Somerset now. Gary Anderson has three sons named Ryan, Tai and Joel. Joel lives with his mother Rosemary in Eyemouth. Tai lives with Rachel. Gary Anderson had a brother who died in the year 2011. The cause of death was a heart attack. Gary’s father died in 2012.

Gary Anderson is the best darts player and he has a fantastic career in the game. He has done other projects outside dart playing as well. He is truly a fantastic darts player. Anderson has a name which is ‘The Flying Scotsman’. Jocky Wilson gave Anderson this name in 2009. Jocky Wilson is a dart legend.

Gary Anderson Net Worth

Net Worth of Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson is a very famous darts player. He is from Eyemouth, Scotland. He is known for his great throws and highest scores in the darts game. He is the best in his field! His best performance was in the year 2007 in the International Darts League. He has been playing this game since the year 1995. He gets a prize money of about $3 million. He gets his income from doing endorsements as well.

His net worth is $3.5 million. He is earning well and he is doing very well in his career. He has many sources of income. He has won many titles back to back which makes him a very popular darts player. He has a huge fan following. He was a builder before he started playing darts professionally. He was also in a band that raised charity.

Gary Anderson wanted a Nissan GT-R for himself. He loves the car a lot. However he did not go for it because it is not family friendly and he has a son. He says that if he was world champ, he would get a GT-R for himself. He has driven it a few times and he feels it is the best car in the world. He feels that he is getting old and he likes riding a comfortable car instead. He drives the Audio RS7. Gary loves cars and he has a motor company as a sponsor. He gets updates about the latest cars from them. He has a transporter as well but he does not drive that much.

Gary Anderson has won many titles all these years. His net worth is overwhelming. He is a Darts Champion and he has won many awards. He won the World Darts Trophy in 2007. He won International Darts League in 2007. He was the winner of PDC World Championship in the year 2015 and 2016. He also won the award in Premier League in the year 2011 and 2015. He has certainly been very successful in his career. He is still doing well in his life.

Michael van Gerwen won the World Darts Championship beating Gary Anderson recently. However this loss did not kill the spirits of the famous darts player. He has seen many deaths in his family and maybe that is the reason the player got affected. Michael Van Gerwen is 18 years younger to Anderson. He was interviewed after the game and he told that successes have not been easy for him.

In the year 2012, Gary Anderson joined a band with 7 other team players and recorded a single. The song is called Got My Tickets for the Darts. It was released that year itself. It was for charity purpose. It was later donated to a Children’s Hospital.

Gary Anderson is a fantastic darts player. He is the World Champion Darts Player and we wish that the recent defeat does not kill his spirits. He has a huge fan following and his fans will love him nonetheless. He is one of the greatest darts player and we wish him all the luck. Losing is a part of the game and that should not be a reason to stop loving your sport. He will be back with a bang.