Travis Kelce Net Worth

Who is Travis Kelce and what is his net worth 2018? American football is one of the most popular sports in one of the biggest countries in the world, the United State of America. American football is a bit like rugby involving tackling and chasing. A tight end is an offensive player position in football and Travis Kelce who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the best known tight ends for his unique style of play and overall fitness level. Kelce recently starred on a show ‘Catching Kelce’ which was a reality show with women contestants trying to woo Kelce into dating them. He is now in a relationship with the winner of the show!

Travis was born on October 5, 1989, in Cleveland, Ohio which has been his hometown for all these years. Travis showed an interest in all sports in general and was very interested in playing for a team and so he played a number of team sports including football, basketball, and baseball. Travis went to Cleveland Heights High School for his education and he was a triple sports player playing for the schools’ football, baseball, and basketball teams. He represented the Cleveland Heights Tigers. Even though he excelled in all three sports, he was mainly recognised for his talent in football. By the time he graduated out of high school, he had 21 scores and 10 touchdowns under his cap.

Travis Kelce Net Worth 2018-2019

Soon after high school, Travis was looking for scholarships from colleges so that he could pursue a career in football and receive a college degree at the same time. Being rated a two-star athlete helped him in a huge way and he received offers from the University of Cincinnati, Akron and Eastern Michigan but he ended up choosing the University of Cincinnati.

Career: Travis’s brother Jason was already at the University of Cincinnati and this made it easy for Travis to get into the team there. Even though Travis had to sit on the sidelines for some time, he quickly showed everyone how talented he was. He was suspended for a year in 2010 but he returned in 2011 to play for the Cincinnati Bearcats. When he graduated from college, Travis was named Tight End of the year by the College Football Performance Awards. This helped Travis in getting a contract with the big teams in the NFL.

In 2013, Travis was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs with help from Andy Reid who was the coach of the team. Andy had previously coached Travis’s brother and knew Travis was a valuable pick for the team. During the 2013 season, however, Travis only played in a single game but still got a payment of 3.12 million dollars as part of his contract.

Apart from a minor fine for unsportsmanlike conduct in the 2014 season, Travis played exceptionally well proving to the selectors that he was worth the money they had spent on him. Over the years Travis showed his talent time and again and was placed 91st on the list of top 100 NFL players of 2016. He was also named as the Kansas City Chiefs’ First Team All-Pro.

Travis Kelce Net Worth

Travis has had a phenomenal growth in the NFL with his net worth at $13.2 million in just 4 years. Travis signed an extension deal in 2016 worth 46 million dollars! This means Travis’ net worth won’t be dipping any time soon. At the beginning of Travis’ career itself, he was signed on for $3.12 million and even received a signing bonus of $700,000! Travis received an average annual salary of $585,000 in 2016 but this is all set to change what with the 46 million dollar extension. This extension puts him in the list of 100 best paid NFL players of 2016. Travis Kelce’s net worth stood at $13.2 million.

Travis is an icon for Americans and fans of football. His growth in the sport has been enormous and sustained and this has left many analysts of the game in awe. Travis has not backed down from what is expected of him either. He has proved time and again that he is worth the money he is getting paid. Travis is an inspiration for kids out there.