Ryan Leaf Net Worth

Who is Ryan Leaf and what is his net worth 2018? One of the best known names in American football is Ryan Leaf, who played in National Football League (NFL) for four seasons as a quarterback. Between 1998 and 2001, Ryan was a part of ‘San Diego Chargers’ and ‘Dallas Cowboys’ teams.

Apart from this, Ryan also had a short stint with ‘Seattle Seahawks’ and ‘Tampa Bay Buccaneers’. Ryan had an excellent start to his career with him being the finalist for the ‘Heisman Trophy’ post his junior year. Apart from this, Ryan was the second overall NFL Draft of 1998.

Ryan Leaf Net Worth

However, Ryan’s career was short, fraught with bad behaviour, poor work ethics, poor play and several injuries. He was ranked No 1 ‘Draft Bust’ in NFL History in an episode on NFL Top 10. Since 2010, Ryan has been involved in various legal troubles of drug usage, trespassing etc.

Ryan David Leaf commonly known as Ryan Leaf was born on 15th May, 1976 in Great Falls, Montana. He was born to John Leaf and Marcia Leaf. Ryan’s younger brother Brady was also a backup quarterback and cornerback for the Oregon Ducks football team from 2003 to 2006. Since childhood, Ryan had a passion for football. Ryan did his schooling from Great Falls (MT) Russell and graduated out of Washington State University.

Ryan continued his domination on the football fields. He played as a quarterback and had 330.6 yards passing per game. Apart from this, he made a record of 33 touchdowns in the then Pacific 10 Conference, in his first year.

Ryan also led Washington State to its first Pac-10 championship final in the entire school history; however, they lost to the Michigan Wolverines. During his college career, Ryan received a lot of recognition and awards. He was 3rd overall in the Heisman Trophy Voting in 1997, and won the Sammy Baugh Award the same year.

Ryan Leaf married Nicole Lucia in 2001. Nichole was Charger cheerleader and daughter of Ray Lucia, financial radio host. Soon after their marriage, in 2003 both of then separated from each other and finally got divorced legally. Currently, Ryan is engaged to Anna Kleinsorge who was a former Georgetown Hoyas volleyball player.

1998 marked the beginning of the formal career of Ryan Leaf. Upon selection to NFL Draft, Ryan decided to let go of his senior year at Washington State. He was selected as the second overall pick, just behind Peyton Manning, after a lot of speculations by the San Diego Chargers team. Ryan signed a four year contract with them that was worth as much as $31.25 million with $11 million as guaranteed money. This was the largest amount ever paid to a rookie.

Chargers had great hopes from Ryan Leaf. However, all their hopes were thrashed due to lack of discipline on part of Ryan, poor work commitments and bad behaviour. Ryan`s form was nowhere near the one he had in his college days. Due to his poor results, he finished his rookie season with only 10 games played and a terrible quarterback rating of 39.

Ryan’s career was also marred with a lot of injuries. He had to spend the entire season of 1999 sitting as he had suffered a shoulder injury and had to undergo a surgery. Not much improvement could be seen in his play in the 2000 season. He could only play few games and showed poor results. This finally marked his exit from San Diego Chargers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed him in 2001; however this also proved to be a very short stint for Ryan. Ryan refused to be the fourth quarterback on the team due to which he had to leave Tampa Bay Buccaneers before the season even began.

It didn’t take long for Ryan to find a new club. He was signed by Dallas Cowboys as the quarterback; however, Ryan’s form was still a big issue with no sign of improvement. After just playing four games, the team decided to let go of Ryan in 2002. Ryan’s next and final engagement before retirement was Seattle Seahawks. He signed a year’s contract with them; however he decided to retire even before the season could start.

Trouble for Ryan did not end with his retirement. He got involved in numerous criminal offences which included drug abuse, trespassing, burglary. This brought him lot of negative fame and media outrage. It is said that, Ryan’s dependence on drugs was partially a result of the 8 surgeries that he had to undergo due to injuries. He became hooked to various painkiller and illegal drugs. This resulted in a five year sentence for Ryan, but he was released from jail and put under supervision of the Great Falls Probation and Parole.

Heisman Trophy is given annually to the ‘most outstanding’ player in American college football voted in by media figures and former players. Ryan was among the finalists and finished third behind the winner, defensive back Charles Woodson of Michigan, and fellow quarterback Peyton Manning of Tennessee. Ryan was named Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year. Ryan was also named first-team All-American by The Sporting News, and finished second in the nation in passer rating.

Ryan Leaf Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ryan Leaf is $11 Million. This amount could have been much more than this but all the legal issues surrounding Ryan in his post retirement life nearly broke his bank balance. Ryan’s net worth badly crumbled down.

Currently, Ryan Leaf works as Program Ambassador for Transcend Recovery Community which is a group of sober living houses in Los Angeles, Houston, and New York.