Reggie Bush Net Worth

Who is Reggie Bush and what is his net worth 2018? There are many American sportsperson, but the name of Reggie Bush is acknowledged at higher position as American football player. Net worth of Reggie Bush to be high is due to various reasons like his excellent sportsmanship, playing abilities, awards achievements, etc. Moreover, apart from being an athlete, Reggie is too an actor and producer thus proving his versatility. Below, you will get to know more details about Reggie Bush below:

Initially, Reggie was brought up by his mother and his step father named as Lamar Griffin. He essentially belonged to an American as well as African-American civilisation. This great celeb was born in year 1985 in Spring Valley located in San Diego County, in California and he was mentioned his name after his biological father named as Reginald Alfred Bush, Sr. Reggie was a running back at school named Helix High School, located in his native-La Mesa, California. Whereas at Helix, it is known that Reggie played with year 2004 Heisman Trophy finalist named Alex Smith.

Reggie Bush Net Worth 2018-2019

It is revealed that Reggie’s biological father was never stayed as an important portion of his life. Renowned as an excellent athlete while studying in high school, Reggie was nicknamed as “Dancing Man” on account of his quick feet.

Right from his college education, Reggie was dedicated as he played college football held at USC. This was the time when he received consensus All-American honours for two times as well as attained a Heisman Trophy. It is found that Reggie received Super Bowl XLIV in conjunction with the Saints in year 2010. He has even played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, and San Francisco 49ers.

Reggie attained an athletic scholarship in order to attend the University of Southern California, in which he played from period 2003 to 2005 for the Trojans. It is known that when Carroll engaged Reggie he planned using him in form of a five-way risk.

Additionally, Reggie too won year 2005 Doak Walker and Walter Camp awards, adding to his fame. Though, allegations that he attained inappropriate advantages were major to an NCAA examination of the USC based football program. This ultimately directed him to simple NCAA sanctions while playing against USC, comprising a postseason ban for two years. It even encompassed the emptying of wins from years 2004 championship session.

Discussing his awards achievement, Reggie attained many prestigious awards in his career. He is the one to receive year 2005 Walter Camp Award as well as got year 2005 Doak Walker Award too. Reggie received the Heisman Trophy in year 2005, in which he beat finalists namely Vince Young and year 2004 Heisman winner as well as colleague Matt Leinart. It is revealed that after a NCAA investigation was ruled in year 2010, he was unqualified to take part at USC as a student-athlete. Moreover, Reggie was highlighted on the cover of NCAA Football 2007, launched in year 2006, adding to his fame.

In his life, apart from career, Reggie dated with several attractive girls. It is found that once he was engaged in love affair with beautiful Eve Torres. Both of them got separated in their relationship and Reggie next started dating Kim Kardashain who is an American-based actress, television personality, model and socialite. Moreover, after having romantic relation for two years, the couple got separated in year 2009. In year 2011, Reggie started dating with Lilit Avagyan who is a skilled dancer. Both of them got married in year 2014 and yet there is no sign of both getting divorced and they had two children too together.

Reggie Bush Net worth

In the world of football, Reggie Bush is renowned as an American football player with high net worth of $16 million. It is found that his net worth has observed a boost of 160% since last 3 years. Increasing admiration of football amongst worldwide population will direct Reggie towards higher net worth.

Started initially as freshman, Reggie rapidly demonstrated effective in catching, carrying, throwing, and returning the ball as well. Moreover, the career graph of Reggie being actor and producer is also shaped high.