Rae Carruth Net Worth 2019

Who is Rae Carruth and what is his net worth 2019? Rae Carruth used to be a professional American football player. Rae used to be a wide receiver for the NFL team known as Carolina Panthers. He is currently serving a prison interest.

Early Life

Rae Carruth was born on 20th January 1974 in Sacramento, California, USA. His parents gave the little boy then the name Rae Lamar Wiggins. He also grew up in Sacramento. Rae went to valley high school. He later accepted an athletic scholarship offered by the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Rae Carruth Net Worth

Rae Carruth dated Michelle wright during his college days. He became a father while still schooling when she gave birth to their firstborn child. The baby was a boy, and they named him Raelondo. Rae chose to neglect his son, but that changed when Michelle sued him for child support. In 1999, he was casually dating Cherica Adams.

On the day of 16th November that same year, Adams was shot around Carruth’s home situated in Charlotte, North Carolina. Van Brett Watkins Sr., a nightclub owner, and Carruth’s associate had shot her four times. He had organised her death after she refused to abort the child she was carrying. She was eight months pregnant with Rae’s child. That is the reason why he is currently serving a prison sentence. Rae’s was convicted of murder.


Rae Carruth professional career started in 1997. He was selected by Carolina Panthers for their 1997 NFL draft. Rae was picked in the first round, and his overall position was 27. In 1997, the season was a great one for him. He would be pulled from all the other players in the field by the number 88 labelled on his uniform.

For a starter, he deserved the title he got. Carruth was named the all-rookie team at wide receiver. During that season, he caught four touchdown passes and 44 passes for 545 yards.1998 was not an excellent season for him. Rae had broken his right leg during its opening game. Due to the injury, he did not catch a pass throughout the season.

That day of his injury, before it happened, Carruth had managed to catch four passes for 59 yards. That is all he got for that year’s season. For the 1999 season, Carruth did better than the previous one. He had fourteen catches for 200 yards.

Net Worth of Rae Carruth

For the short period that Rae was a footballer, he was able to accumulate wealth. If he never went to jail, maybe it could be more. Rae Carruth has an estimated net worth of $12 thousand.

Rae Carruth was a great player. Within the first few years of his career, he had already made a name for himself. I can imagine how he could have improved over the past decade. Unfortunately, he was imprisoned, and the fans have not had a chance to see him play. Good news is that he will be getting out of prison next year. Will he continue playing football? Only time can tell. All Rae’s fans can do is wait and see.