Philip Rivers Net Worth

Who is Philip Rivers and what is his net worth 2018? Philip Michael Rivers is a famous American football player since many years. Philip Rivers was born on December 8, 1981 and he is now an American football quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers of the renowned National Football League (NFL). He initially played college football at North Carolina State University, and was enlisted in the leading round of the 2004 NFL Draft with the fourth complete preference by the New York Giants, who transacted him to the Chargers for their initial overall pick-quarterback Eli Manning.

His passer rating of 95.7 is fifth-best of all-time amongst NFL quarterbacks with minimum 1,500 passing tries. He is also ranked 4th all-time in successive initiatives by a quarterback in NFL account. In his senior season, River recognised himself as the best prep passer in Alabama. Though he collapsed offers from Alabama and Auburn, neither expected him as an initial quarterback. He overruled them in order to attend to a program where he may have additional playing time.

Philip Rivers Net Worth 2018-2019

Looking at his personal life, Philip Rivers is married to Tiffany since 2001 – and has got eight children with his wife, till now.

Philip Rivers Net Worth

The assessed total net worth of Philip Rivers is about $55 million. In year 2009, he settled to a six-year period contract with the authorisation which value $92 million. He has been continuously amassing his net worth being active in professional football since year 2004.

Philip Rivers currently lives in the Santaluz development situated north of San Diego. He bought this Santaluz home in year 2009 for worth of $3,299,000.

Rivers owns many luxurious cars but his favourite one is the Vanquish model of Aston Martin of worth $177899.85. He even owns hummer and SUVs which can accumulate his giant family, this car has costs around $50 thousand and the luxurious SUV he rides is about $32 thousand price.

In year 2004, Philip Rivers contracted a six-year, of worth $40.5 million contract in collaboration with the San Diego Chargers that involved $14.5 million in passing bonuses. Nevertheless, due to an extended contract intervention with the San Diego Chargers, he just reported to the team through the recent week of training camp, and Drew Brees reserved his starting job.

After the completion of 2005 season, Brees was not re-signed due to the wound hurt in the Denver game by the Chargers. As an alternative he engaged a large contract that encompassed large guaranteed money with the New Orleans Saints, through the 2006 free agency era.

Philip Rivers has ranked the number 17 jersey since the ninth standard; it is in admiration of his father, who carried the identical number in high school. After his father, Steve, gained the head coaching job, Philip Rivers played for high school football at Athens High School in adjoining Athens. His leading start in football started in the seventh grade.

After the education from high school, he appeared North Carolina State University in Raleigh, located in North Carolina, where he played for NC State Wolfpack football team under coach named-Chuck Amato. Philip Rivers suited up for his leading training as a college quarterback in year 2000.

Philip Rivers is a renowned football player recognised for his mastermind abilities and is also honoured as don of quarterback in the San Diego charger uniform. He had successfully finished 9 years of career in football with the assurance of bright future ahead.