Orlando Scandrick Net Worth 2018

Who is Orlando Scandrick and what is his net worth 2018? Football is one of the more popular sports played in America. The football industry is a huge one rivaling the likes of the basketball and baseball associations. Players are recruited fresh out of college and identified on the basis of the several league games they play at college and sometimes even at high school. Orlando Lee Scandrick is one such football player who was picked by the Dallas Cowboys straight out of college in the 2008 draft. He plays the cornerback position for the same team and is quite popular among fans of the team.

Early Life

Orlando Lee Scandrick was born on February 10, 1987 in Torrance, California. As a child he had an athletic physique and was very interested in playing games like football and baseball. He showed an inclination towards playing football from a very young age and when he joined high school he immediately enrolled himself in the football team and there was no looking back from that point forward. Orlando went to Los Alamitos High School and played high school football for some years there. He played two positions, a cornerback and as a wide receiver.

Orlando Scandrick Net Worth

During his senior year, he worked hard to improve his football playing skills and focused on becoming a professional player. His hard work paid off when at the end of his senior year, Orlando had 12 touchdowns under his belt. He also had 52 receptions for 832 yards, 54 tackles and 3 interceptions.

At the end of his high school he received a couple of first team honours that helped him secure a college seat at Boise State University under a scholarship. Here, he focused on becoming a better cornerback as he was very skilled at playing this position. Orlando wanted to become a professional NFL player and Boise University would be his ticket to his dreams. He recorded four block kicks in the year 2007 which was a school record apart from being a personal record for Orlando himself.


In the 2008 NFL draft scouting session, Orlando showed off his impressive skills by clocking a time of 4.32 seconds for the 40 meter dash. This motivated the Dallas cowboys to pick him in their draft and they wanted to sign up Orlando so badly that they traded their fifth and seventh draft first choices to other teams so that they could pick Orlando for their team. The Dallas Cowboys knew how valuable Orlando would be for their team and immediately made him a nickelback.

2011 was the year Orlando actually signed the official deal with the Dallas Cowboys by signing a six year contract worth almost $30 million dollars and 10 million dollars in guaranteed payments. He proved his talents on the field and shut the mouths of critics who felt that he was paid too much. In 2014, Orlando was suspended for four games on the basis of the claim that he had been using performance enhancing drugs. However, the NFL made some revisions to its drug policies and Orlando was allowed to play two out of the four games he was suspended for.

Net Worth of Orlando Scandrick

Orlando is one of the rare players whose talents has been recognised by the NFL and as such he has been paid high salaries. Orlando’s net worth figure stands at $18 million.

The NFL has a great track record at picking talented players and giving them a luxurious life. One such player is Orlando Scandrick. He is an example to aspiring footballers that if you are indeed talented and are ready to work hard, success will follow and so will a high net worth! Orlando is truly an inspiration to people of all ages as he recovered from several downfalls and injuries in his career to reach the level he is at right now!