Marcell Dareus Net Worth

Who is Marcell Dareus? What is net worth of Marcell Dareus? Known as Mr. Big stuff, Born in Birmingham, Alabama on Mach of 13th 1990, possesses the position of an American football Nose tackle on Buffalo Bills of NFL representing No.99.He went to Huffman High School in Birmingham, Alabama, where he was part of many sports teams and in football he totally did 117 tackle, 20 sacks and fumble for touchdown under the guidance of his coach Nick Saban giving him entry in list of Atlanta Journal-Constitution ‘s Super Southern 100 and No. 5 defensive tackle in the nation in 2008.

After getting into college he joined Alabama crimson tide and he totaled 34 tackles, 10 quarterback hurries and 4 pass breakups that made his entry in Buffalo Bills as 3rd overall pick and NFL draft of 2011. He chooses Alabama over other offers from Tennessee, NC, and Auburn.

Marcell Dareus Net Worth 2017-2018

After that, this heavyweight nose tackle was unstoppable and became the respective member of SOTL in 2011, School of The Legends. This young 24-year-old, athlete currently signed with Buffalo Bills which will expire in sometimes in 2017 but during this period he made an unbelievable fortune of millions. Let’s take a look at his properties, car collection and how does he spend his millions?

His story when it comes to his family is quite irony you can say that. There is not a lot of details are available about his family and relationship. But here is the piece of information that also made him quite famous. His brother, Simeon Gilmore, was killed in a triple homicide over a $40 bag of weed by gunshot. His life is the tragedy as his closest ones are dead by now. Last year he gave brief information about the death of his mother and father & his grandparents as well along with his close friend from school. As far as details are true, he is currently not dating anyone.

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Forbes listed him #78 celebrity in the list of its 100th celebrities of 2016 & #26 world’s highest paid athlete with his extended contract with buffalo Bills for $96.9 million US dollars in 2015 which was worth $24 million USD in 2012-13. As professional NFL player for Buffalo Bills, it is estimated that his net worth is staggering $42 million US dollars as of 2017 which are getting increasing annually with his annual salary of $8.6 million USD after signing the contract with Buffalo Bills in 2015.

In 2014, he made $1,302,605 and in 2015 he totally earned $2,230,210 while endorsing the brands made him few more millions. After extension of Buffalo Bills contract, he is making staggering $8,060,000 annually. One more thing Marcell is now forcing his agents to add more value on his contract with Buffalo Bills as he has now the golden position of the nose tackle and can get whatever money he wants.

Marcell Dareus Assets

Marcell is actually popular in the auto community for his unique looking ‘FUR-RARI’ F430 that how they pronounce it. In 2011, when he was drafted 3rd for Buffalo Bills he gifted himself this high-tech Italian machine. After few years, for him, that Ferrari was looking like ordinary cars so he decided to upgrade the specs. And might spent half plus million on customization by adding red velvet wrap making it look even softer the reason behind calling it (Fur-rari)and upgraded gold Savini Wheels makes it one of the best looking Ferrari. According to an official, the details about his home is not available but he has the mansion in Birmingham, Alabama price unknown.

Marcell Dareus Business Model

He is not associated with any business. But you may see him endorsing the sports brands rather than that there is no official detail about his involvement in business.

Marcell is young emerging NFL player, playing for Buffalo Bills, weighing almost 150kg and respected member of SOTL quite popular for an event of the killing of his brother by three homicides and death of other family members and close friends. Moreover, he has the golden position of nose tackle in Buffalo Bills and winning hearts of fans across the USA while there is a lot that life is waiting for him ahead.