Luis Suarez Net Worth

Who is Luis Suarez and what is his net worth 2018? On 24 January 1987, this international soccer player was born in Salto, Uruguay. Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz was fourth among his seven siblings born to his father Rodolfo Suarez and mother Sandra Suarez. The whole family moves to Montevideo when he was seven years old and by the time he was nine, his parents got separated.

Suarez had to live with his mother and brothers after his parents’ divorced, however; he remained in constant touch with his father as well. His elder brother Paolo Suarez is also one famous professional Football player who plays for the Isidro Metapan in El Salvador. With his mounting career, he settled with Sofia Balbi in the year 2009.She is his childhood sweetheart who stood firm with him even in his hard days, giving him the right track to follow. The couple now has two cute kids namely Benjamin Suarez, his son and Delfina Suarez, his little daughter.

Luis Suarez Net Worth

Having his interest in playing football since childhood and sharpening his skills in the streets of Montevideo, Suarez was determined to achieve success in the future. Being inclined towards soccer, he started playing the game bu the age of three and in the year 2001, he was selected to join the youth team of Nacional de Football. With his high talent and high rankings in the match, he climbs up quite fast and by the age of 19, in 2005 he moved to Netherlands and started playing for Groningen in the Eredivisie.

His performance always outnumbers the previous ones but his lack of discipline during the lessons and in the ground sometimes get him into serious troubles. After playing with different football clubs, achieving some of the glorious goals and making some of the serious offenses, Suarez is currently playing with Barcelona since July 2014. His contract with Barcelona is up to 2019.

Luis Suarez Net Worth

Suarez being one of the best players since time always counts to be worth millions of dollars. In the starting when Suarez costs Groningen a total of $898,000; he now in the year counts to be having the total net worth of $55 million. Ajax, in the year 2007 bought Suarez for $8.9 million where he stayed for 4 years giving commendable performances.

Later, he moved to the Liverpool for $29.7 million in 2011 by signing five and a half year agreement. Afterward, in the year 2014, Barcelona owned him for $92.4 million and is still had to play with the club till 2019. With a number of accolades and impressive performances, he is one super star of Barcelona.

The shining star of Uruguay has a shining home in Montevideo, Uruguay where he used to live with his small family. Another house he has bought present in Spain. His Montevideo mansion is well protected by a 14-foot wall fenced with electricity. Along with this, he even sheltered his house with CCTV cameras and a number of guard dogs watching over any suspicious activity if happens in the yard. Being a total sports freak, he also owns one game room in his big mansion. Just like his luxurious house, Suarez loves to ride luxurious wheels as well.

His collection of some the expensive and top-notch cars are the example to show his live life king size approach towards life. He has Audi Q5, Range Rover Evoque and BMW X5.

Although with a number of biting episodes and the controversies related to him, Suarez obtained sponsorship deals with Adidas and poker network 888 poker. He endorsed a number of advertisements with different companies like Beats by Dre, Pepsi, fund company Abitab, and appliances brand Beko. All these are working to make his Net worth even more. In the year 2014, after publishing the autobiography “Crossing the Line” his popularity and his earnings elevated to another level.

Suarez with the 17 years of football career is been able to get a number of honours and awards. Some of the most incredible are:

1. Player of the Year award from Professional Footballers’ Association- He was proposed for this award two times in his career and was lucky enough to get it in the second year of nomination. He got the chance to be the first Uruguayan player to get this prestigious award.

2. Premier League Golden Boot and the European Golden Shoe- Aggressive Suarez gets the hold of this award in the Premier League. The European golden shoe, however, he shared with Cristiano Ronaldo.

3. Striking a big number of 35 goals in the La Liga season in 2016, he created the history of being the second player to ever hit that number of goals in one season.

If we account for the total number goals he made in his entire career, the number will raise to 312 goals and 468 appearances. Being a player of Uruguay national team only he made the record to score 46 goals in 86 appearances. Other than a number of accolades he earned in his whole football journey till date, he is not leaving any stone unturned to do the same in the coming days.

Although being called as an aggressive and short-tempered person in his professional life, Suarez is such a humble man that he and his wife Sofia is often called as ‘God Parents’ by the Perez Scremini Foundation which is based in Uruguay. The couple donates to the charity that helps children fighting cancer. They are the active member of this foundation and are working for their betterment. He donated $13 thousand prize money that he earned by becoming “Player of the Year” to the Teleton Foundation which runs in Uruguay helping children with neuromuscular disorders.

Playing for the charity games, hosting parties and dinners for the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association, donating Christmas baskets containing goodies, foods and drinks to children hospitals making their Christmas even more special are some of his humanitarian efforts that are being appreciated and adored by everyone, making his fan list even longer.

Blamed for a lot of things, the following are the main storms in his life that for a while upset him and his career as well:

1. During the FIFA World Cup in 2010, Suarez blocked the winning goal of his opponent team of Ghana, causing a foul and giving Ghana extra time for a penalty kick. However, Ghana lost the match but Suarez comes under the eyes of club members.

2. In the following year, making racial comments against Patrice Evra, Suarez was fined $51 thousand.

3. His biting incidents in the year 2010 to Otman Bakkal’s shoulder, in 2013 to Branislav Ivanovic and in 2014 to Giorgio Chiellini gave him another level of popularity. For these incidents, he had to endure fine as well as suspension from a few matches and not appearing in the ground for a few months in the respective years.

In the year 2016, this Uruguayan international player was honoured in his hometown by unveiling his statue in the country.

In the first month of the year that is on 24th of January, the 30th birthday of Luis Suarez was celebrated in a grand way. His team Barcelona gave him a surprise by highlighting the show-reel of some of his magnificent goals he made during the Barcelona training. Giving his brilliant performance all over again by delivering 15 goals in 18 La Liga appearances, he proved to be in radiant form and better than before.

Suarez is a blend of ferociousness and humbleness at the same time. Controversies, being one of the important parts of his life never leave him alone. Dedicated towards football and proving himself a gentleman to his wife and kids, he definitely has earned something more than money which is called as respect.

His humanitarian services and kindness towards the needy are the features that make him stand out of the crowd. Apart from few hullabaloos, he always is a doting player. Playing like a gun, he never failed to prove himself in the ground. No doubt with the growing fan list he is going to grow his number of appearances and of course goals as well.