Lionel Messi Net Worth

Who is Lionel Messi and what is his net worth 2018? Lionel “magical” Messi, the Argentine captain is at present the finest footballer on the planet. Messi’s incredible records for his national team and football club speak for the greatness of the player itself. Leo had a rough childhood as he was suffering from growth hormone deficiency. At that time FC Barcelona stepped up and agreed to pay for his treatment.

The wizard repaid their faith in him by working his way to becoming one of the greatest and leading the club to be the most successful club in the last decade. The honeymoon period for FC Barcelona and Messi is still in progression as they continue to dominate at domestic and European front.

Lionel Messi Net Worth 2018-2019

Lionel Messi has won eight La Liga titles, four UEFA Champions League titles, four Copas Del Rey, and three FIFA Club World Cup titles with FC Barcelona. Messi has been the only player in the history of the game to win five Ballon d’Or. What does it feel to be like the best in the game? Here is the glimpse into the lifestyle of an enigma that is known as Lionel Messi.

Jorge Messi and his wife Celia Cuccittini never in their wildest dreams have imagined the destiny of their third child whom they named Lionel Andres Messi. Born on 24th of June 1984, in Rosario, Santa Fe Argentina Leo was destined to be a footballer. He developed a passion for the game while playing along with his older brothers and cousins in the backyard and streets. He was scouted by FC Barcelona at a tender age of 13 and was offered a contract on tissue paper by the first team director. The rest, as they say, is history.

Leo is in a relationship with his childhood friend Antonella Roccuzzo. Messi and Roccuzzo have two sons Thiago and Mateo. Messi shares a close relationship with his family members notably with his mother. Even after leaving his hometown at 13, he has been in constant touch with his family and roots back in Argentina.

Education: Lionel Messi developed a passion for football at the age of 5. He had his elementary education back in his hometown. Later, his football instinct took over and he impressed many scouts and was offered a professional contract at an early stage. He was offered numerous contracts and he finally penned down with his current club FC Barcelona at the age of 13.

Lionel Messi Net Worth

Messi’s high-quality performance over the year has made him one of the best marketable athletes in the world. Messi, along with Cristiano Ronaldo, has been the face of football all over the world. His net worth is estimated is $370 million. Messi has signed lucrative endorsement deals with the likes of Adidas, Pepsi, EA Sports, Tata Motors, Gillette, and Samsung. The most significant of them is a $40 million a year deal with Adidas. Messi is the second richest athlete in the world. When his contract with FC Barcelona will renew next year, one can expect a significant rise in Messi’s already loaded portfolio.

Messi is not fanatic about cars but he owns a noteworthy collection of cars. Messi owns the best luxury cars in the world. Ferrari F430Spider convertible stands out from his collection. Apart from Ferrari, Messi owns Maserati GranTurismo and Audi Q7.

Messi owns properties in Barcelona, USA, Argentina, and Spain but his newly build mansion is the one that catches everyone’s attention. Messi’s passion and dedication towards football can easily be witnessed in his new football ground shaped house called the One-Zero Eco House. The estimated cost of building Messi’s dream house is around 7 million Euros.

Lionel Messi, unlike other celebrities, likes to keep his private life behind the curtains. He is the one who does not use his personal life to nurture his brand. Leo likes to maintain a mystery around him as nothing much is known about him off the field. His father, who also is his agent and manager, takes care of his business and contracts. Lionel Messi remains a mystery on and off the field.

Lionel Messi has won everything with his club but a trophy with his national team still eludes him. He has won every individual and club honour that one can dream of. His contract negotiations with Barcelona are making headlines in a negative way but that haven’t affected his performance on the ground. Lionel Messi can be seen in action in UEFA Champions League, Copas Del Rey, and Spanish La Liga.

Once being stated as a dwarf and unable to play by one of his club coaches, Messi proved everyone wrong and still continues to mesmerise the world with his sheer skills. One of the modern day greats, Messi’s tale from being a child with hormone deficiency disorder to one of the richest athletes in the world is truly inspiring.