LeSean McCoy Net Worth

Who is LeSean McCoy and what is his net worth 2018? The “Shady” of Buffalo Bills, LeSean is a popular American football running back. Currently he is playing for the Buffalo Bills of National Football League (NFL). McCoy was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US on 12th July 1988. He also has a nickname given by his mom Shady, because of his swinging moods. He was born to Ron McCoy, his father and Daphne McCoy his mother. He even has a brother LeRon McCoy who was also a football wide receiver. His ancestry belongs to Africa also, LeSean have dual ethnicity of African and American.

LeSean started playing football in his young age itself as a junior. When McCoy was going to Bishop McDevitt High School, he suffered a major ankle injury. But he recovered and again resumed his career in football. He got selected to All-American and he also made his debut in NFL against Carolina Panthers.

LeSean McCoy Net Worth 2018-2019

LeSean McCoy Net Worth

After starting his career during high school itself. LeSean got to earn well by playing football. LeSean’s net worth is estimated to be $2.8 Million.

LeSean has got a lot of fortune by playing football. LeSean’s love life is going good with Delicia Cordon and the couple got a baby LeSean McCoy Jr. Lesean owns beautiful big house (7200 sq ft) in Marlton in new Jersy which he purchased for $1.6 million in 2013. McCoy is an owner of cars, boats and other vehicles. He has a Rolls Royse worth $130,000. He has his own bungalow in his hometown. LeSean is still young and has a lot to accomplish in future. With all his efforts and dedication, he could come up very soon in his career with flying colors.

When LeSean plays for a team along with integrity and victory of the team he also takes good care about his trade and how it is been going with each move of him in his career. He seems to be very much particular when it comes to his earnings. LeSean looks he is never interested in continuing the contract with Eagles because of the declined trade. He clearly said he cannot take less money for what he does in the field. All this shows his clear way of earning through football.

LeSean McCoy started achieving from his teenage. He was looking fabulous while playing for his teams with his peculiar skills. In his first year at Pittsburgh itself he rushed for more than 1300 yards and LeSean recorded 14 touchdowns. The touchdowns always got increased as he got experienced in football. And he came to known as all-time leading rusher. He achieved to be an All-Pro in the year 2011 and 2013. And LeSean McCoy was the winner of NFL Honors – FedEx Ground Player of the Year in two consecutive years 2012 and 2014.

The team Buffalo Bills is planning to quit contract with LeSean McCoy and looking for a cheapest player to play in the team. Even LeSean has reacted to the decision and mentioned he cannot play for the less money. And McCoy is seen to be sick from few days. He got exit from the game for his ankle pain and there seems to be an injury happened. He is all set to join a new team in the new scheme for the coming years.

LeSean is always ready to give his best in the tournaments. He is better known for his timing and expert play. Managing between personal and official lives, he has gained a lot in both the fields of his life. McCoy is in the top position since years. He is one of the most wanted football players of America. His journey is still having a long run in future.