Kieron Dyer Net Worth

Who is Kieron Dyer and what is his net worth 2018? Kieron is a famous former football player from England. Kieron was playing for Manchester United as a midfielder. Kieron was at the great heights in his career because of his high talents and skills. He was known for his brightest playing attitude. Kieron is known for his outstanding performances in many matches. When he was playing in Ipswich, he was sold for 6 Million pounds for Newcastle United and Kieron was the highest paid player from Ipswich.

Kieron Dyer was born on 29th December 1975 for Leroy Dyer in Ipswich, England. He has a brother Kathan Dyer and a sister Kirsha Dyer. Kieron was married to Hlooy Dyer in 2014 and the couple have two children Kie Dyer and Kaden Dyer.

Kieron Dyer Net Worth 2018-2019

Kieron has been known not only for his football career but he is great philanthropist too. He frequently donates his earnings to needy people and at various times has joined hands with NGO’s and organisation.

Kieron Dyer Net Worth

Kieron Dyer have a net worth of $20.4 Million. During his successful career, Kieron got to make lots of fortune for himself and his family. He played in various tournaments and known for his unique playing style. Kieron played for Ipswich Town, Newcastle United, West Ham United, Queens Park Rangers and Middlesbrough from 1997 to 2013. And after that he undergone surgery for multiple injuries. After recovering he resumed his career as a footballer. He had signed on a deal of 10000 pounds per week with Queens Park Rangers. Though his worth fell down when he was ill, it rose up because of his appearance on other TV shows.

Kieron Dyer is living in his home at Ipswich with his wife and children.He is enjoying all the fortune he has got. All he earned in the beginning of his career and when he was at the peak made enough for the living of the family. He owns car as well and is not particular about any brand. Kieron Dyer has never revealed about his assets anywhere. Though his earnings got lowered after retirement, serving as a coach is paying him well enough.

Kieron Dyer was a well established football player. He got trained rigorously from his childhood. All his training payed him well throughout his career. Many a time he failed in the games but he never quit and achieved what he wanted to achieve. Kieron’s professionalism made him an extraordinary player. But his failure in coming up in profession after the surgery made him to retire from the profession. After all this he is spending his time with family and by coaching for Ipswich Team.

Kieron initially started playing for his hometown team, Ipswich Team in 1997 where he was a 17-year trainee. His active playing and amazing skills reached eyes of Newcastle United. He utilised the huge opportunity which was given to him and played the best tournament with Newcastle United. Kieron was sold to Western Ham United later. After performing well in all the tournaments he finally announced retirement and now serving in his mother team as a coach. He is won many championships and honours as a First Division PFA Team of the Year in 1997–98 and 1998–99.

With all the ups and downs in Kieron Dyer’s life, he managed to cross all of them with his courage. Failures are common. Getting through them and living for one’s self is important. He never ran behind money or fame. He is happily spending his time with family and he loves to be with them most of his time. Kieron learnt a lot of lessons at this very young age. That made him to donate all that he won from the show I’m a celebrity get me out of here.