Joe Flacco Net Worth

Who is Joe Flacco? What is net worth of Joe Flacco? The Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Joe Flacco known for his performances in Super Bowl and NFL was meant to be a Footballer from the day his feet first touched the ball, who brought Ravens trophy twice at the AFC North.

The NFL star has set quite a few records under his name, including most wins by quarterback in six seasons: 62 (regular season), fastest quarterback to record five touchdowns in a game: (16:03), most road wins in playoffs for a quarterback: 7 which he shares with Eli Manning and many more. In the history of NFL, Joe is the only one player to win a playoff game in consecutive five seasons. He is popular in his friends for having the strong arms, which enables him to take high risk deep passing throw.

Joe Flacco Biography and Family

Joseph Vincent Flacco born in 1985 on 16 January in Audubon, New Jersey to Karen (nee Madden) and Steve Flacco has an Italian Irish decent. Originally Joe’s family is from Haddon Township, New Jersey.

Joe married Dana Grady in 2011 in his hometown, and since then the couple has had four children, three boys and one baby girl, Stephen Flacco, Daniel Flacco, Francis Flacco and Evelyn Flacco who was born last year.

Joe Flacco Net Worth 2017-2018

Joe is used to being a part of a large family, he being the oldest among six siblings John Flacco, Brian Flacco, Stephanie Flacco, Mike Flacco and Tom Flacco.

Education: Like one can guess Joe actively took part in sports like football, baseball and basketball, during his school days in Audubon High School. He soon became the starting quarterback for Green Wave. Later he went to University of Delaware to pursue further studies, and from what his destiny looks like, his football career. He also played for University of Pittsburgh, during his graduation. Soon, in 2003 he became a part of Pittsburgh Panthers Football team. In 2004, he played against universities like Ohio University, University of Nebraska and the University of South Florida as a backup quarterback, with one completion of 11 yards.

He studied in Bachelor of Arts and Science at the University of Delaware. Delaware seemed to be the turning point in his career, when in 2006 he witnessed his first full time action, while playing for Fighting Blue Hens where he threw for 2,783 yards hitting 18 touchdowns within 10 interceptions. After which Joe set 20 records at Delaware during his career there. Joe is playing professionally since 2008.

Joe Flacco Net Worth

The star quarterback made quite a fortune by playing for Baltimore Ravens and endorsing brands like Visa etc which adds up to a net worth of $55 million. Recently Joe Flacco signed a six year contract with Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League worth $120.6 million. Flacco being a Super Bowl winning quarterback is only fueling his career as well as his fortune, while doing guest appearances and winning more games.

The football star although remains in the huge field, playing, he seems to have gotten a taste for open fields as he lives in his $3 million luxurious mansion, that can also be used as football ground! The player also loves his high speed Corvette Stingray, a sports car manufactured by Chevrolet estimated to be around $70,200.

Joe is known solely for his football talents as a quarterback, which also makes him a face for many endorsement deals. Let alone with his team, he manages to earn more than $20 million dollars every year, which only increases with his wins. He’s been in the news for endorsing gummy bear candies for the US headquartered Haribo Gold Bears Candy Company.

Recently the Raven star broke Super Bowl MVP bank, while renewing its contract with Flacco whom Baltimore Raven wants to keep till 2021. This includes a bonus of $40 million during signing, of which $15 million to be given to him by March 2017. All this now makes him the highest paid with NFL player with $22.1 million, surpassing Aaron Rodgers’ previous mark of $22 million. After their week 3 victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars in March 2016, it remains Ravens and Flacco’s best record 3-0 since 2009.

Joe Flacco the expert quarterback knows his game well, on the ground as well as with the numbers. He is surely an asset to America and of course to Baltimore Ravens. 2017 is all set to see Flacco make new records and bring more trophies for the Ravens, considering it’s only fair after what they paid to keep him in their team.