Jeremy Bloom Net Worth

Who is Jeremy Bloom and what is his net worth 2018? Jeremy Bloom is a true sportsman. He is a skiing champion and he is a fantastic football player as well. He was born in Loveland in Colorado. He took the responsibility of leading his football team and took them ahead to the state championship. In his early years, he played football and he was amazing in the sport.

He helped his team in school win many championship titles in both junior and senior year. Bloom has also studied Karate when he was just 5 years old. He is still studying mixed martial arts. He got his first black belt when he merely 12 years old. Bloom has a real estate and finance degree from the Wharton Business School which is in University of Pennsylvania. He is currently living in New York City.

Jeremy Bloom Net Worth 2018-2019

Jeremy Bloom Net Worth

Jeremy Bloom is a rich man as he is involved in many activities. He had modelled, plays footballs, champion skier and has his own foundation. His net worth is $5.5 million and he is doing well in his life. He was the one who made the US Ski Team at a very young age. He also got a football scholarship.

He is fantastic in multiple sports and he is a good looking man. He is young and success was not as easy for him. He has worked very hard and put a lot of dedication to reach this far. Success does not come easy. It takes several years of practice and patience. Today Jeremy Bloom is financially secure and makes a lot of money.

Jeremy is a good man and he has his own foundation which helps senior citizens to fulfil their wishes. This foundation works for the contentment of the low income senior citizens who have been abandoned or do not have enough money to live a comfortable life. Jeremy invested in this foundation as he is very close to his grandmother. In her honour, he started this foundation. It is called The Donna Wheeler Foundation.

Career: Jeremy Bloom is the only sportsman in history who has done skiing in the popular Winter Olympics. He is a world champion in skiing. He has won 3 championships so far! He has won the Gold Medal at World Cup 11 times. He is the youngest and most competitive skier in history. He is definitely the best when it comes to Football but he has also taken the world by storm with his skiing skills.

Bloom has done some commercials such as the 80 hours long Fitness Commercial and the ABC Olympic Commercial. He is a fantastic football player and skier. He holds a degree in finance and real estate as well. He is not just a brilliant sportsman but he is very intelligent as well. He has also posed a model for Tommy Hilfiger, Cosmopolitan, Abercrombie & Fitch and many more known brands.

He has also features in the covers of several magazines like Hooked on the Outdoors, Mile High Sports, Cargo, Outside and many more. Bloom also participated in a well known dating game show called The Choice. His presence is everywhere and he is a well known personality. He is totally versatile and he is worth millions of dollars. He has also hosted a TV Show. Did you know that Jeremy Bloom invests in business startups? Yes, he does! He is a genuine investor and he has helped many businesses to start up.

Jeremy Bloom started a new show in 2016 called The Adventure Capitalists. It is a show similar to Shark Tanks. It helps people to showcase their product to investors and why they should invest. The people come with a business plan and the investors can choose whom they want to invest on. Jeremy Bloom is not a just a world champion athlete, he has such a great mind of his own!

There are very few people who bloom in various fields like Jeremy Bloom. He is truly a great businessman and a fantastic football player and skier. We wish him luck for his future projects. He is certainly doing very well in life and we can only wish that he reaches new heights in the future. All the best to such brilliant minds!