Jack Hoffman Net Worth

Who is Jack Hoffman and what is his net worth 2018? Jack Hoffman is an American footballer and he is known for his football affection as he was 12 years old. He is also affected with a fatal disease named as brain cancer. In his small age he has made a huge amount of money as he holds.

Jack Hoffman was born on Sep 26 , 2005 in Atkinson , Nebraska , United States of America. He is now 12 years old. He is brain cancer patient. Jack has estimated net worth is $250 thousand US dollars. The name of his father is Keith Zimmer. His father is known as a associate director of Life Skills at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in the department of Athletics. So it was the dream of his father that his son make a footballer because he was very inspired with the football player named as Rex Burkhead as Rex was also his favourite player.

Jack Hoffman Net Worth 2018-2019

His father also tried to met with Rex Burkhead many times and finally his father got the success when Rex met the Jack’s family in the year 2011. Rex also decided to keep in touch with Jack’s and his family members. Rex Burkhead also give him the best wishes before Jack’s second surgery.

After the second surgery Nebraska played a game in Ohio state was broadcasts in the television channel named as ABC. After that this channel also describes the story of this child named as Jack Hoffman. Jack also ran the idea by football game with coach named as Bo Pelini.

Jack Hoffman is known as an American footballer. In his small age he is also affected with monstrous disease as Brain cancer. Jack is also known as an International athlete that deserves for the Upper Deck rookie that he granted in the year 2013. Jack joined the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers football team for learning the nuances of the football game.

In the year 2014, it was found that Hoffman has a brain cancer when he was passed with the MRI Scan on the month of April. After that after consulting with the medical team in Boston his parents decided to pursue a clinical trial in Boston of genetic therapy approach in the particular part in the year 2014 on Aug month.

Pediatric Neurosurgeon Liliana Goumnerova indicated that she felt she could safely re – sect the remaining tumor, and at the same time, achieve seizure relief by using intro – operative electrocorticography. Jack’s 2nd brain surgery in 5 months occurred in Boston in the the same year that is in 2011 on Oct 10. The surgery went well, as Dr. Goumnerova removed a golf ball sized tumour. After that approximately 95% of the tumour was removed.

As there is no need to discuss about the personal life of Jack Hoffman because he is just 12 years old and full focused in his football career. He is also recovering from his disease day by day.

Jack Hoffman has won the ESPY Award when he was just eight years old that is in the year 2013. He has also met with the President of United States Barack Obama in the year 2013 on Apr 29 in Oval office. In this date he and his family met with the president. He was also along with Rex Burkhead. After that President Barack Obama gave him a football. In the year 2013 a Upper Deck Company made a ” Star Rookie ” trading card for this footballer named as Jack Hoffman.

Jack Hoffman Net Worth

Jack Hoffman Net Worth is $250 thousand.

Jack Hoffman is best known for his profession as a footballer. He has also patient of brain cancer and now recovering from his disease day by day after passing from the several surgeries.