Danny Woodhead Net Worth 2019

Who is Danny Woodhead and what is his net worth 2019? America basically gushes over two things i.e. Hollywood and Football (no, not the football that Cristiano Ronaldo plays, which by the way is soccer for them, but American football, which is rugby for the rest of the world!). American football players enjoy widespread recognition and adulation, which increases tenfold if the player happens to be as gifted and talented as Danny Woodhead.

This Baltimore Ravens’ star running back is known for his impeccable football skills and innumerable records that have effectively made him one of the most loved football players that America has ever seen! Born in North Platte, Nebraska to an ex-football enthusiast-cum-coach and current school teacher father, Mark Woodhead and a devout Christian mother, Annette Woodhead, he was named Daniel Jacob Woodhead at birth. Woodhead was enamoured by the game ever since he was 4 and dreamt of becoming a football player himself.

Danny Woodhead Net Worth

He got the opportunity to showcase his immense talent, while he was at school and he went on to both create and break a number of records, not only in football, but also in other sports, like basketball, soccer and track and field. Under his able leadership his school football team reached the semi-finals of the State Championship twice and he won the titles of Nebraska’s Class A leading rusher, Nebraska’s all-time leading rusher and Player of the Year in 2003.


Much like in his embellished school football career, Woodhead shined all throughout his college years, setting a number of NCCA college football rushing records and becoming both NCCA all-time and all-division leading rusher in 2007. With an average of 15.5 points per game, he scored 606 points in 39 games thereby, setting a new record of highest ever points made in NCCA Division 2.

He also holds the record for being the 2nd player to score more than 100 touchdowns in collegiate history. His astounding performance on the football field brought him the Harlon Hills Trophy, which is given to the best player in NCCA Division 2, twice in 2006 and 2007 thereby, making him the 3rd player after Johnny Bailey and Dusty Bonner to win it twice in a row.

However, despite being brilliant on the field, Woodhead has faced his fair share of rejections. He was left without an invitation to the NFL Scouting Combine and remained undrafted in the 2008 NFL Draft. Nonetheless, the New York Jets realised his potential and signed him as an undrafted free agent in the same year. He went on to play exceptionally well in his first preseason match for the Jets against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009. He also led the Jets to a 38-0 victory in his first regular match.

Woodhead was waived by the New York Jets in 2010 and the New England Patriots lost no time in grabbing the opportunity. He lead the Patriots to a number of smashing victories against teams, like the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts, after which he signed a 2 year contract with the team.

In 2013, Woodhead signed a $3.5 million 2 year contract with the San Diego Chargers and shined all throughout the year recording many victories and becoming the topmost NFL running back in 2013 with 6 touchdowns. However, 2014 brought a broken fibula for him thereby, rendering him incapacitated for the entire season. He made a terrific comeback post-recovery and went on to register the highest number of touchdowns in his career. He recorded crushing victories over teams, like the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns among others. An ACL injury however, put a halt to his 2016 season.

Education: Home-schooled till the 9th grade, Woodhead went on to attend the North Palette High School in North Palette, Nebraska, which is where his unprecedented football journey began. In 2004, gaining a full athletic scholarship, he enrolled at Chadron State College from where he majored in Math Education. Chadron State also, became the most important stepping stone of Woodhead’s football career.

Net Worth of Danny Woodhead

The estimated total net worth of Danny Woodhead is $6.5 million with an estimated annual salary of about $2,400,000.. The brilliant running back has acquired this considerable wealth through his successful football career which in turn has brought him a number of lucrative brand endorsement deals.

Woodhead bought a marvellous house in Rancho Bernardo for approximately $780,000 in 2014. With his considerable fortune he is sure to have acquired his own share of luxurious cars as well.

Apart from having profitable associations with various NFL teams throughout his career, Woodhead also, has many lucrative endorsement deals under his belt, the most notable of which is with Skechers.

A look at Woodhead’s past achievements is enough to prove that he is someone who is meant to reach unprecedented heights in his life. His brilliant talent and proficient football skills, which he has perfected over the years is bound to take him a long way.