Chad Johnson Net Worth 2019

Who is Chad Johnson and what is his net worth 2019? One of the all time famous American football player, Chad Javon Johnson, popularly known as Chad Johnson has made appearances in 11 seasons of the National Football League for three different teams. He has a huge fan following on social media and was listed as the top athlete in the Most Influential Athletes on Social Media list.

Early Life

Chad completed his schooling from Miami Beach Senior High School in 1997. His love for football unveiled only when he started playing in Santa Monica College with Steve Smith, a NFL wide receiver. He moved to Oregon State Beavers football team in 2000 and led his team to victory many times and broke a number of records as well.

Chad Johnson Net Worth


The professional gaming career of Chad marked it beginning when he was selected for the Cincinnati Bengals team in the second round of 20001 NFL Draft. As a part of the team, Chad achieved a record of recording 1355 receiving yards in 2003 only to break it by himself in 2005. Confident of his game, Chad maintained a checklist during the 2005 NFL of the players who covered 85 in the season. Although the list was subjected to criticism, he could maintain it by performing great in the games. The list became o popular that in 2007, the online formats of the list was created by Yahoo!. On the online list, fans could vote and each vote was used to raise money for charity.

In 2006, Chad signed a contract extension with team up to 2011 but an injury slowed down his pace in the games. However he had a breakthrough during his game with the San Diego Chargers. The rest of the season went well for him and the season ended with Chad having 87 receptions with a lead of 1369 yards and 7 touchdowns. In the 22006 Fan Voting, he received the maximum number of votes for wide receivers and bagged an overall fourth position.

He has been known for his celebrations after the touchdowns and has found a place in the top 10 showboats in professional sports listing by Fox. The 2007 NFL season also saw Chad breaking his own record by recording 1440 yards over the previous record of 1432 yards in 2005. However when he posed as a guest on the Mike and Mike radio show, he expressed how badly he was treated by the public during his 2007 season and expressed his concern since no one came for his defence.

On July 28, 2011 Chad was transferred to New England Patriots on a three year contract. His tenure with the team was probably the disappointing and unproductive phase of his career. This led to the termination of contract in 2012 which followed Chad joining Miami Dolphins. This followed an unstable career for Chad and he flipped teams frequently. Apart from his game, his life is associated with a good number of controversies including that of his name changes.

Net Worth of Chad Johnson

In his career, he has also received a number of awards including the AFC Champion award in the year 2011 and NFL Receiving Yards leader award in 2006. All these earning and honours add up to the current net worth of Chad being $5.5 million. As compared to other NFL players, Chad has really a higher net worth. He used his energy of the young age to perform well in his games and this helped him gain much recognition worldwide.

Although there have been several controversies surrounding Chad Johnson throughout his career, he could successfully maintain a positive energy and do well in his games. Apart from his game, Chad has also made appearance on a number of TV shows, WWE events etc.