Carson Palmer Net Worth

Carson Palmer is widely acknowledged as an American based football quarterback playing for the Arizona Cardinals of NFL. This player has played college level football at USC as well as he has won the Heisman Trophy during year 2002.

He has played for eight seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals and it has chosen him by the leading overall pick during year 2003 based NFL Draft. He even played for the Oakland Raiders for span of two seasons. Net worth of Carson Palmer is originated mainly from his appearance in football career, get further details here:

Carson Palmer Net Worth 2017-2018

Palmer hailed from Fresno, located in California. When he was studying in seventh grade, he actually possessed outstanding size as well as arm power for his age. This player’s father named Bill Palmer, joined him in some private classes running in Orange County, wherein he was afterwards trained by quarterback guru named Bob Johnson.

Afterwards, he appeared in a high school running in Rancho Santa Margarita, located in California. He has played on the high school football squad.

Palmer made entry inside a university in year 1998, wherein he has played for head coach named Paul Hackett for span of initial three years of his college based career. He has started a season in form of a back-up to Mike Van Raaphorst. Both of them have spitted by the initial 8 games, through Palmer chiefly approaching in throughout the second half. It is found that the Trojans’ season starter was played in opposition to Purdue.

Whereas, Palmer just played for span of three series during the second half and worked on 3/6 as well as 79 passing yards. During following week, the player arrived in quarterback throughout the third quarter as well as noted his initial career touchdown based pass when he was playing in front of San Diego State.

When playing in sophomore year during year 1999, the player was termed as the starting quarterback of Trojans. This season opener was in opposition to Hawaii and also Palmer has played in somewhat higher than two quarters. Moreover, he has completed that game by 14/16 completions (i.e. 87.5%), also by 167 passing yards, one touchdown pass, as well as a 9-yard rushing touchdown. In following week in opposition to San Diego State, the player has finished 16/24 passes for total 188 passing yards as well as 2 touchdowns.

After completing a 6–6 record during year 1999 as well as a 5–7 record during year 2000, Paul Hackett has left the position of head coach. Year 2001 noted Pete Carroll`s initial season along with USC as well as below latest revamped offense, Palmer actually threw 21/28 completions, one interception in the season opener against San Jose State as well as 213 passing yards.

How much is Carson Palmer Net Worth in 2017

Presently, Carson Palmer is familiar as a football player attaining net worth of $115 million US dollars as of 2017. Basically, he is known as a quarterback working for the Arizona Cardinals of NFL. His stellar junior based season was followed up by an extraordinary senior season resolutely fastened him as one among the greatest ambitious players ever to originate from Santa Margarita.

Later, he earned well by joining in college football team, wherein he has won the Heisman Trophy during year 2002. It is known that he has boarded on a professional career after he was recruited as first overall from the Cincinnati Bengals during year 2003 based NFL Draft as well as he has been designated to two Pro Bowls. During year 2005, the player has inked a six year period contract extension of worth $118.75 million in association with the Bengals.

Playing for the Arizona Cardinals of NFL facilitated Carson Palmer to rise to prominence in his career. It is found that in form of the quarterback on freshman team, he was so talented that associates of the varsity team will often stop practices to watch him playing.