Cameron Jordan Net Worth

Who is Cameron Jordan and what is his net worth 2018? Born on 7th August 1988, Cameron Jordon is an American football player for the National Football League and Miami Dolphins. His father was of immense support to him and helped him in his football career. His own father played in the NFL for 13 seasons with the team Minnesota Vikinings. Born and brought up in Los Angeles, California to Cathy and Stan Cameron who both worked in IT sector, ie telecommunications company, he showed great vigor to learn football from his childhood days. His keen interest in playing football developed at a very early age and he was encouraged by his family profusely in all aspects.

Some of his greatest achievements include getting selected by Cleveland Browns which won him international fame. Also, he got voted to the pro bowl in the year 2013. Later in 2015, he signed a two year deal of $15 million with Miami Dolphins. These are some of the incredible achievements in his remarkable career of football.

Cameron Jordan Net Worth 2018-2019

Education: His education began at Newbury Park High School in Newbury Park, California. He became immensely popular among his colleagues for his excellent playing skills. In the year 2005,He made a mark by playing with All Marmonte League team as a junior. Furthermore, in the year 2006, as a senior,he made Prep Star All West and once again made All Marmonte League first team.

One of the remarkable moments in his career was when he caught 73 passes for 1022 yards and 12 touchdowns in his senior years. At that time, he was teammate of former San Jose State coach, Jordan LeSecia. Later, he also got starred in basketball and volleyball at Newbury Park High.

After his completion of high school, he decided to play basketball at Brigham Young University rather than playing football. But, no sooner, after red shirting in 2006-2007, he decided to give another try to playing football. He got transferred to USC in 2007 and played football as a wide receiver. But, in 2007, he refused to accept some of Cameron’s credits from Brigham Young and was forced to withdraw and attend Ventura College.

He missed the football season but was given the option to try rejoining the team in 2008. Even if he had stayed at USC, he would have been ineligible to play in 2007. Due to NCAA transfer rules. This was a remarkable turning point in his career of football and he achieved immense fame after this event. He also became extremely popular among the crowds who began to recognise him as one of the excellent sportsperson.

Cameron Jordan Net Worth

He is one of the highest paid football player in the world. His net worth income accounts to around $30 Million. The major source of his wealth can be contributed to many factors including football, brand endorsements, real estate income etc. Did you know that he earns around $100 by promoting reputed brands? In June 2015 Cameron Jordan signed a contract for five years with New Orleans Saints.

Also, he made a deal of worth $55 million, including a $16 million signing bonus and a $6 million bonus. He is currently associated with the reputed brands which includes Nike, Monster Headphones and Ford Masters. Apart from that, he owns a great luxurious mansion in California.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the rising stars in the history of football. He is an inspiration to millions of football lovers who wish to achieve indefeasible feats in their lives. With his sheer hard work and indomitable determination to achieve his goals, he has become one of the most popular players in no time. He is an outstanding exemplar for all those people who are willing to leave no stone unturned to achieve their goals in life.