Brian Bosworth Net Worth

Who is Brian Bosworth and what is his net worth 2018? Brian Bosworth is basically a former footballer and an actor and a famous personality in both the field. He is one of the most loved personalities in the field. He has not gained much in the football due to his injuries.

Brian Bosworth was born on March 9th, 1965 in Oklahoma City. His early schooling was done in Texas where he attained the MacArthur High School in Irving. He had a troubled childhood. The relationship he shared with his father was all most stressed as he was short tempered and was always possessive about this on field performance.

Brian Bosworth Net Worth

He joined the football team of the school and started playing at an early age. Then he moved his career into the field and came well-known as a football player. But, unfortunately, due to his injured, he could not continue and so instead joined the Hollywood.

Talking about his personal life he was in love with his high school girlfriend Katherine Nicastro science age and finally married her in 1993. He has three children with her and now is divorced. After falling from the football he then landed up in the acting and then into real estate world in Malibu.

He was a football player in the school and college. He left the college at the end of 3rd year and then join the NFL supplemental draft and then he was selected by Seattle Seahawks to play with. It proved a turning point in his life and then he made head turn into football. He then got a serious injury and suffered a lot.

After that, he was not fit to play so he ended by in the acting world. He then has don’t multiple roles in Hollywood movies like stone cold, back in business, etc. to make a remark in industry. He soon turned himself into the real estate life and became a real estate agent.

He had won the awards for the football. He won the Butkus Award as the nation’s outstanding Linebacker in 1995 and 1986 for playing in Oklahoma. He has these at a very easily age to prove his worth. He played the football for his university and won the championship for them around 1985 which made him quite a celebrity in town. He has won nothing for his acting career in Hollywood and thus his award story ends.

Brian Bosworth Net Worth

Talking about his net worth it is estimated around $10 million. He has an own house which he owns and recently has bought a brand new villa in Malibu which is equally luxurious. The net worth of the villa in Malibu is around $8,995,000 which is spread in about 1.7 acres. He owns an estate company and a factory that produces t-shirts and cap. Thus, has a lot in his bank account.

He is a former football player and had a lot of fan following and his career was a shot of controversial at that point. He then ended up in Hollywood which earned him a lot of fame and then he turned into an estate agent.