Anders Lindegaard Net Worth

Who is Anders Lindegaard? What is net worth of Anders Lindegaard? Anders Lindegaard was born on 13th April 1984 in Dyrup, Denmark. He is a Danish footballer. He played as a goalkeeper for championship club Preston North end. His full name is Anders Rozenkrantz Lindegaard. Otto Lindegaard is his father and Birthe Lindegaard is his mother.

He got married with Misse Beqiri in June 2014. His wife, Misse Beqiri is a Swedish model and a reality TV Star. They started dating each other in 2011. The couple has a son named Julian. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in August 2016 through a divorce. His former wife recently appeared in a season of the real housewives of Cheshire. Currently, he is dating Sofie Bording.

Anders Lindegaard Net Worth 2017-2018

The career of Anders started with Onense Boldklub. Anders made the debut of his career in November 2006 and recorded a victory with the outstanding score of 3-1 against Silkeborg IF. He signed a three and a half year contract with Manchester United on 27th November 2010 and his training was started with the team. He became an official player of the team Manchester United on 1st January 2011. He was playing as a goalkeeper in Manchester United and made a victory in the Fourth Round of FA Cup against Southampton. He made 13 appearances for the English club and managed to concede eight goals.

In 2009, he made his UEFA competition debut. His career got its flying colors in 2009 when he joined a Norwegian Club called Aalesunds FK. He has also played for West Bromwich Albion and Manchester United in the premier league. In 2009, he won Norwegian Football Cup with Aalesund and that’s where he got his senior breakthrough. In 2010, He became the Goalkeeper of the year for Norway and Denmark. He topped five times for the Denmark national team and managed to concede two goals. .he put a large contribution in winning the Norwegian Football Cup.

He signed a contract with Manchester United that was worth $4.6 million approximately. In January 2012 he made his debut with Manchester United and won in the very first match. After playing few seasons he left Manchester United and signed a two-year contract with West Bromwich Albion. He did not stay long with this club and joined Preston North End later. He proved himself to be a valuable goalkeeper During Euro 2012 event.

Anders Lindegaard Net Worth

His estimated net worth is around $3.8 million US dollars as of 2017. Such an excellent net worth includes stock investments, luxurious and valuable properties, endorsements, sponsorships, contracts, advertisements and so on. He is pretty famous over the social media network and has a huge fan following. His salary was recorded to be 2.08 million GBP in 2012 which is huge. He is earning huge amount of money which is continuously helping him in growing his net worth.

Anders Lindegaard Business Model

Being an athlete his income solely revolves around the game. He has signed a contract of million worth with the teams he has played for and they had been an immense addition to his wealth and assets. He has signed various endorsements and sponsorship deals as well which have brought a lot of money to his doorstep.

Recently, in February 2017 this Danish footballer uploaded a picture of him kissing his current girlfriend Model Sofie Bording and it clearly shows that he has got over his divorce with the mother of his son Julian. Sofie is attending Copenhagen Business School and she is trying her hand at modeling as well. They make a good couple together and their fans are looking forward to an official announcement to take their relation to next stage.

This talented Danish Footballer has established himself as an eminent footballer. He has gained a lot of popularity and wealth with his talent and hard work. In spite of numerous hurdles he has been through he has always had a successful comeback and proved his critics wrong.

As far as the game is concerned his strategy over the ground attracts everyone’s attention and he becomes the center of everyone’s eye while playing over the ground. He is still growing and thriving hard to become better with each passing moment. We wish him more luck and success in the future.