Eric Koston Net Worth

Who is Eric Koston and what is his net worth 2018? Eric Koston is prominent American skateboarder professional as well as the owner of the company. He has been featured in one of the video game series named Tony Hawk’s as well as in Skate 2 and Skate 3 by Electronic Arts (EA) video games. Eric Koston co-owns Fourstar clothing as well as skatepark “The Philo-Thai Centre” along with Gravin Davies who is also a professional skater.

On 29th April 1975, Eric Koston was born in Thailand, the same hospital where Alphonzo Rawals was born who was his fellow professional skateboarder. He was raised in San Bernardino, California, US (United States) and also in the year 1986, he began skating. Bob Koston and Wanida Koston are parents of Eric. He has two siblings, Chris his brother and Eileen his sister. He got married to Ashlee and has a daughter named June Marie Koston.

Eric Koston Net Worth

H-Street Company was the initial sponsors of Koston’s skating, Tony Mgnusson and Mike Ternasky were co-founders. After joining Girl team he got an opportunity to be in the videos like Goldfish, Pretty Sweet, Yeah Right and Mouse. Koston played as a lead team rider for eS brand as well as Eric Koston eS Game of Skate which was held for multifarious years annually.

He shot eS video Menikmati by going back to Bangkok which was his birth place. In 2006, he joined Lakai roster. In 2007, he filmed a part for Lakai video named Fully Flared. Thereby, Nike promoted him with a signature shoe named Eric Koston1 and also a contest was held which was known as Mr. Control IT All.

In order to release the second version of Koston’s shoes, Nike launched a campaign which was named as #thelegendgrows for “Eric Koston2” model. In 2013, he was sponsored for the sunglasses named Oakley where a video project named Fear and Loathing was completed in Australia.

There by multifarious prominent companies sponsored him like Nike, Skullcandy, Jessup, Spitfire Wheels, SB, Girl, Independent Truck Company, Fourstar, Supreme, Diamond and many such prestigious and famous companies.

Eric Koston Net Worth

Eric Koston’s net worth is $16 million and he is counted under top 10 richest skaters in the world.

Apart from professional skater, Eric Koston also started his company along with his professional friend Mariano in 1986, the company was named as Fourstar clothing band. He also gave appearance in various video games named Tony Hawak’s Pro Sakter, Skate 2, Skate 3, Maloof Money Cup, and Ultimate X: The movie.

Moreover, he has also earned various championships which include 1st Price for 2000x Games, the gravity games for 2000 and 2003, gravity game street for 2002, and X game street competition for the year 2003. It is said that his net worth is approximately $16 million dollars where he is counted in top 10 richest professional skaters in the world. In this way, Eric Koston not only became famous professional skateboarder but also a prominent and successful entrepreneur.