Eddie Jordan Net Worth

Who is Eddie Jordan? What is net worth of Eddie Jordan? It can feel great to live your life in the fast lane. No one knows this better than Eddie Jordan does. Born on 30 March 1948, Edmund Patrick “Eddie” Jordan is an avid racer. He headed the Irish motor sport team at one time in his career. In addition, he is also a musician and TV personality. Above all, he is a successful businessperson as well.

Born in Dublin to Eileen and Paddy Jordan, Eddie has an older sister by the name of Helen. His father was an accountant with the State Electricity Board. Jordan did not have a particularly healthy childhood. He contracted the pink disease when he was just about ten months old. The family shifted from Dublin to Bray at the instance of the doctors attending to Jordan.

Eddie Jordan Net Worth 2017-2018

The condition improved and Jordan grew up in these minor counties of Ireland. After finishing his accountancy course, he joined the Bank of Ireland as a clerk. During one of the bank strike days, he did accounting work for an electricity company in Jersey. He developed an interest in kart racing during this time. On returning to Dublin, he bought a kart and started kart racing. He was a natural at racing. He won the Irish Kart Championship in 1971.

Encouraged by this triumph, he moved up to Formula 4 racing in 1974 and subsequently, to Formula 3 in 1975. Injuries followed him forcing him to sit out at least a couple of seasons. On his return, he won the Formula Atlantic Championship in 1979. He tried his hand at Formula 2 and assisted McLaren.

Switching to managing teams, he founded his first team comprising of David Leslie and David Sears. Aptly named, Eddie Jordan Racing, this team started making waves in the Formula 3 circuit. This team became the launching pad for several drivers, some of who later on became legends in the field of Formula racing. Some of his illustrious drivers are Michael Schumacher, Ralf Schumacher, Eddie Irvine, Ayrton Senna, etc.

It was not long before Jordan entered the Formula 1 racing arena. On fact, he founded the Jordan Grand Prix giving chances to ace drivers such as the Schumacher brothers. Electrical problems forced Jordan to retire when he was leading the European Grand Prix.

An adverse business dealing with Honda resulted in Jordan switching over to the Cosworth engines. This put the company under great financial strain leading to the decline of the company.

After his tryst with motor racing, he started pursuing his other interests such as music. He was a competent drum player. He formed a minor band named V10. This band is still giving the odd performance even today. He had other interests such as golf and horse racing as well.

He was an able businessperson as well. He still owns some major companies such as the Vodka brand, V10 and the energy drink brand, EJ-10.

On the personal front, he is married to Marie. The couple has four children named Zoe, Miki, Zak, and Kyle. Today, he is a contended man living with his wife of 35 years in peace in Dublin.

Education: As a young boy, he had a strange nickname, Flash. The reasoning was that his second name was very similar to the comic superhero Flash Gordon. As a young student, he spent eleven years studying at Synge Street Christian Brothers School. This was a tough initiation to education. He even considered accepting priesthood at that time. After finishing school, his parents wanted him to take up dentistry. However, he resisted them strongly and took up a six-week accountancy course.

Eddie Jordan Net Worth

Can you guess what can be the worth of Eddie Jordan? All guesses can be way off the mark. The  estimated net worth of Eddie Jordan at $13 million US dollars as of 2017. This looks like a staggering figure. However, if you look at just a few of his assets, you will definitely agree with this figure. You have to understand that he is in the field of motor racing for more than 40 years. This period should be enough for an astute business personality to amass such a fortune. He does his bit for charity as well. He contributes a great deal for motor racing activities.

Eddie Jordan Assets:

Need we say anything about his assets? Jordan owns a helicopter and a huge yacht. We think that should be enough. Not many people own both these modes of transport in this world.

Eddie Jordan Business Model:

Jordan had an astute business brain. Having realized that he may not win races throughout his life, he shifted his attention to racing teams. This was a masterstroke because he amassed his greatest fortune during the days he owned racing teams. He put his business acumen to great use. His journey from a simple bank clerk to that of a business magnate is the stuff of dreams.

In business, you do not retire. You work until your last breath. Jordan follows this principle. He runs his business successfully even today. He does his bit for charity as well.

Today, Jordan might be nearing 70 years of age. However, he retains the same exuberance of youth as he manages his business with aplomb. When he finally hangs his boots, he can take satisfaction in shaping the career of racing legends such as Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, etc.