Denise Austin Net Worth 2018

Who is Denise Austin and what is her net worth 2018? Denise Katnich Austin was born on 13th of February in the year 1957 in San Pedro, California, USA. Denise started gymnastics at the age of 12. Through her gymnastics, she got an athletic scholarship at the University of Arizona. She got No.9 rank in the NCAA on the balance team so she was transferred to California State University, Long Beach. She graduated from California State University with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and physiology.

After graduating, she started teaching classes, producing fitness shows, writing books and columns about staying fit and creating exercise video tapes. In 2002, Denise became member of President Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and continued her second term in 2006.

Denise Austin Net Worth

Austin is different from other trainers. She says she herself exercise only 30 minutes per day and does not ask to leave sugar and butter but just ask to control the consumption. She also conducts research with experts to find solution for weight control and fitness.

Austin had an exercise program on ESPN2 titled as Getting Fit with Denise Austin. After this, Denise continued similar show on Lifetime Television under the title Fit and Lite and Denise Austin’s Daily Workout. Lifetime cancelled these shows in 2008 and continued back in 2011 in a morning program The Balancing Act.

Denise married the sports agent and former tennis player Jeff Austin in the year 1983. The couple has two daughters named as Kelly who was born in 1990 and Katie who was born in 1993. Katie pursued her mother’s career and is a fitness instructor handling her own YouTube Channel.

Net Worth of Denise Austin

The fitness instructor Denise Austin is not having a perfect body but also has a perfect personal finances. The net worth of Denise is about $2.5 million. Major source of income for Denise is her numerous work out DVDs. Her recent DVD in 2014 about Yoga Booty Lift has also created nice addition in her net worth.

Other than workout titles, she also earns in President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She also has her own TV shows like Getting Fit with Denise Austin and many more. She always writes articles about how celebrities stay in shape which attracts the people a lot. She is of 60 but still having a fit body which motivates people and increasing her value.

Some notable DVDs of Denise Austin are Shrink Your Female Fat Zones, Personal Training System, Denise Austin: Fit and Firm Pregnancy, Hit the Spot- Pilates, Burn Fat Fast- Cardio Dance & Sculpt, Blast Away the Pound- Indoor Walk, Denise Austin: Hit the Spot- Core Complete, Denise Austin’s Fit Kids, Denise Austin: Mat Workout Based on the Work of J.H. Pilates, Denise Austin: Boot Camp- Total Body Blast and The Sixty Second Motivator.

Denise Austin is always in news because of her fit body at the age of 60. It is a not at all an easy goal to achieve and that’s what makes her to inspire people a lot. Recently, her new article titled as Age defying Secrets is going viral. In this article she has described exercises, food, hygiene, attitude and beauty tips to defeat your age and live the healthy and happy life regardless of your age.

This video is not only going viral among people of higher ages but also among young people so that they can learn how to stay young always. When asked from Austin regarding the popularity of her article, she said that she only tries to remain healthy and she is always asked about the secret of her charm and activeness so she tried to tell people how to stay young and healthy and what her secret is through this article.

Denise Austin is an american fitness instructor, author, columnist and member of President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She is a boisterous veteran of yoga, aerobics and many other exercises. She inspires people for staying in shape as she is of 60 but still has a very attractive body like a young lady. She is an inspiration for many people and her fan following is increasing day by day after seeing her fitness according to her age.