Curren Caples Net Worth 2018

Who is Curren Caples and what is his net worth 2018? Gone are the days when parents forced their children to take up mainstream academic courses in order to be successful. 21st century parents have realised the importance of one’s ‘own choice’ and are more open and acceptable when it comes to out of the box career choices. This has resulted in a surge of teenaged singing and dancing stars, internet celebrities, and even professional adventure and extreme sport personalities in the recent past.

Early Life

One such personality is the 21 year old professional skateboarder Curren Caples, who participated in his first X Games when he was barely 14 years of age finishing 4th in the park event. For the uninitiated, X Games is an extreme sports event produced and aired by ESPN network that is held each year since its inception in 1995, which by the way is an year before Caples was even born.

Curren Caples Net Worth

Born to Evan Caples, an ex-pro surfer who now owns a Momentum Ride Shop and a Surf & Skate store and Shelley Caples, who is a housewife, Caples was named after renowned surfing icon Tom Curren. Perhaps, it was his father’s fascination with extreme sports that Caples inherited and began to skate even before he turned 4. A couple of years later, he could do tricks that even experienced skateboarders would think twice about. His parents have described him as a spirited and zesty child, who learned to walk even before he could crawl. His sense of balance was such that it made his parents believe that he was destined to be different.

Perhaps, it was his eccentricity which caught the attention of pro skateboarder Geoff Rowley, who went on to become both his mentor and inspiration. Caples’ skating style is fearless, appealing and somewhat influenced by surfing, which by the way happens to be his second love after skateboarding. He began surfing with his father when he was 10 years old and since then has developed a sincere liking for the sport. Surfing for him, in his own words, is more liberating as he is not under any kind of pressure to prove himself, which is something that he experiences every time he is with a skateboard.


Caples became a professional skateboarder in 2013 at the age of 17 and Tampa Pro became his first professional contest in which he stood 15th. However, his moderate success did not diminish his spirits and he made a smashing comeback in the Barcelona X Games held in the same year where he managed to clinch a silver medal in the skateboard park event. He followed it up with a gold at the Munich X Games in 2013 itself.

He won his second consecutive gold in 2014 at the Austin X Games. In 2015, he won the Dew Tour Chicago Streetstyle Contest and the Red Bull Hartlines Contest, which was a unique blend of both street and park events and brought him a $35,000 prize. His first success in the street event came in 2016 when he made it to the finals of XG Athelete.

Caples has established himself as a successful skateboarder and lives in Ventura, California with his parents and sister named Peyton Caples.

Education: Owing to a flourishing skateboarding career that began when he was still a child, Curren Caples could not attend a public high school and had to be home schooled by his mother.

Net Worth of Curren Caples

The estimated total net worth of Curren Caples is $1 million. Most of his wealth is the result of his blooming career as a skateboarder, which I turn has brought a number of competitive titles and lucrative endorsement deals from popular brands.

It’s not only skating that Caples has been doing ever since he was a child. He has also been endorsing several renowned sports equipment brands like Oakley, Independent, Mob Grip, Bones Swiss Bearings, Flip Skateboards and Ricta Wheels among others. He is also the brand ambassador of popular shoe brand Vans, California based clothing giant RVCA Clothing, Red Bull and Mountain Dew. He also is the face of his father’s own Mountain Ride Shop based in Ventura, California.

Caples has an entire career and a sea of opportunities ahead of him. And if his astute business sense is anything to go by, he is bound to not only achieve great heights but also amass a considerable fortune along the way.