Sarfraz Ahmed Net Worth

Who is Sarfraz Ahmed and what is his net worth 2018? Sarfraz Ahmed is an aggressive batsman and wicket keeper of Pakistani cricket team. He was born on May 22, 1987, in an Urdu speaking Memon Gujjar family in Karachi of Sindh province in Pakistan. His father, Shakeel Ahmed Siddique, was the owner of book publishing house Shakeel Brothers, which is now run by Sarfraz’s elder brother Shafiq Ahmed.

Sarfraz’s father never wanted his son to choose cricket as his career due to uncertainties involved, but Sarfraz was sure about his success in the game and followed his passion without knowledge to his father in early days, as per his story published in However, his father could not saw him playing for the nation as he passed away owing to his long illness.

Sarfraz Ahmed Net Worth 2018-2019

The only information we could find out about his education is that he attended a madrassa school at Ghosul Azam. Nicknamed ‘Thatha or saifi’, among his friends, family, and colleagues, Sarfraz is married to Syeda Khushbakht Shah, in May 2015. Sarfraz is a strong follower of Muslim faith and became Hafiz-e-Quran- meaning someone who has memorised the Quran completely, at the younger of 10.

Sarfraz Ahmed got the chance to play his first international only due to the injury faced by the then number 1 wicket keeper for the country, Kamran Akmal. Sarfraz debuted against Australia on January 14, 2010, in international test matches and in ODIs he debuted against India on November 18, 2007.

He has also very good track in the record in international T20 matches with 3473 average and 382 total runs in 26 matches where he got the chance to play only 17 innings. Sarfraz has been a consistent performer since his inception in the team. Now he is regarded as the best gloveman for the country which is the result of his hard work and sheer dedication towards the game.

As a promising batsman for his team and an acclaimed wicket keeper, Sarfraz holds some of the finest records in his fist. Here is the list of few important records hold by Sarfraz Ahmed in cricket:

• He is the first Pakistani Wicketkeeper to score 3 centuries in a calendar year in international test matches.
• He scored the century in 80 balls against Australia, which second fastest century ever by a wicketkeeper.
• He also holds a record of most stumping’s in an inning by a Pakistani wicket keeper, alongside Kamran Akmal.

Sarfraz achieved this feat when he stumped 3 batsmen in an inning against Sri Lanka.

Sarfraz Ahmed Net Worth

Sarfraz Ahmed is one of the best players in Pakistani cricket and recently he is appointed as captain for Pakistani T20 team. As a successful player, he has numerous opportunities to earn money. Sarfraz Ahmed is category B player which earns him $3300 salary per month, apart from this he is also entitled to get extra match fees.

Sarfraz Ahmed is one of the most sought layers for various domestic leagues in Pakistan and in other countries too. However, we could not find the list of brands endorsed by Sarfraz Ahmed, but he got chances to earn money through brand endorsing. The net worth of Sarfraz Ahmed of might be around $2 million.

Sarfraz has proved himself as the best wicket keeper and a batsman who can score runs when runs are most needed in all formats of the game. The path was not easy for him as Kamran Akmal was country’s first preference for wicket keeping. But Sarfraz has made most out of the few chances whenever he got and fixed his position in the team. We praise his spirit for the game and for remaining out of any controversies being a celebrity.