Rubel Hossain Net Worth

The quick bowler of the Bangladesh’s cricket Team, Rubel Hossain is surely an asset to the team and a threat to all the batsmen around the world. He is considered to be the fastest bowler in the history of Bangladesh’s team. He started playing professionally for the team back in 2009 making his ODI winning debut against Sri Lanka. Following this, he made his Test ODI debut against West Indies the same year by taking 3 wickets. Known for his speedy delivery good pace and bounce the star cricketer is surely here to stay and create new records. He was also given the ODI squad with Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka with tri – series.

He is also considered the team’s superman who took the team to quarter finals in Cricket World Cup of 2015 which was a first for the team as they never reached that point. The Bangladesh’s Cricketer was bought for $70,000 by the Sylhet Royals in the Twenty20 auction held for the Bangladesh Premier League.

Rubel Hossain Net Worth 2017-2018

Mohammad Rubel Hossain was born in 1990, on 1st January in Bagerhat, Bangladesh. He was born in a poor family where his father Siddikur Rahman was barely able to fulfill the basic needs of the family.

He was always fascinated with cricket, he had started playing at a very early age, although his family didn’t have the resources to hire a proper coach for him, he still didn’t gave up on his dream to play for the national team. A telecom Competition for pacer hunt marked the turning point in his career earning him recognition as a fast pace bowler. He got selected and somehow managed to move to Dhaka. He aimed at living a poverty free life where he could live happily without any worries with his family.

He almost lost his career recently in 2015 when his long time girlfriend Naznin Akter Happy, tried to frame him by filing rape charges against him. The news became a headline turning heads and shocking everyone. He was even arrested for three days, but got bail to fulfill his commitment to play at 2015’s World Cup. Later the rape charges were withdrawn when he was proved innocent. Rubel married his wife Ishrat Jahan Dola late last year. The couple is happily living together.

Coming from a poor family, he was unable to concentrate on his education. Since his childhood he aspired to play for the Bangladesh’s national team and spent most of his time playing. Maybe destiny was playing its part as he became the fasted bowler in the team without any refined coaching. He used to attend a local government school before he was discovered but never really concentrated in his studies.

Rubel Hossain Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million US dollars as of 2017. The fast bowler of the Bangladesh Cricket team has a monthly salary of $1524.45 making his annual income around $18293.4 dollars. The cricketer also works on many endorsement deals adding more numbers to net worth.

Apart from playing for the National Bangladesh’s team, the fast bowler also flaunts his talent and skill in various other cricket tournaments by being a part of private cricket teams like in 2012 he played for Chittagong Kings in the Bangladesh Premier League.

Last year Mohammad was excluded temporarily from the team for ignoring the Board’s Injury rehabilitation guidelines. The cricketer is still axed from playing any international matches due to his injury. We hope he gets well soon to help the team, because who doesn’t want a fast bowler on the team.

Controversies seem to have surrounded the cricketer as before his temporary dismissal from the team due to his injury last year. He was in the headlines back in 2015 when he was taken into custody for three days by Bangladeshi police for rape charges filed against him by Nazneen Akhtar who happens to be a heroine.

Last year, 2016 was quite a challenge for him, with his injury and the rape charges that were filed against the star. We just hope he is able to overcome these hurdles as his cricket career was just getting started and now these controversies have surrounded him. The bowler is one of a kind, for the team with his quick reflexes and fast bowling, we expect to see him taking a dozen of more wickets on the cricket ground.