Murli Vijay Net Worth 2018

Who is Murli Vijay and what is his net worth 2018? Known as ‘Monk’ for his calm nature, now 33 years old, Murali Vijay was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on 1st of April, 1984. Murali Vijay has now cemented his place in Indian cricket team for permanent. Having star sign Aries and being an Indian Vijay is famous for his outstanding performance in all three phase of cricket.

Along with father Murali and mother, Lakshmi Vijay has colleagues like Virender Sehwag and Shawn marsh, but there are not details are available about his siblings. After dating Nikita Karthik, he finally got married to her. Murali Vijay is married to Nikita Vijay now. They have two children named Iva and Nirav.

Murli Vijay Net Worth

He went to Vivekananda College in Mylapore, Chennai but some people don’t know that he had failed in 12th standard’s exam at age of 17 scoring only 40% and on another hand, his sister scored staggering 98%. And after that he told his parents that ‘Don’t worry, I won’t commit suicide, I won’t do anything stupid, I just want to live on my own and find what I want’ as studies were not something that bothers him and was not his concern at all. Though there are no details available about his niche in graduation.

But like most of the cricketers, it is not necessarily important as long as the performance is extraordinary. Moreover, he is the role model for numerous people as he also belongs to the common family in India like most people do. on the interesting fact is, Before he became a Test opener, Murali Vijay was a 17-year-old who left home to find himself. The cricketer speaks about grabbing his chances and his troubled personal life.

Murli Vijay Net Worth

Murali Vijay made his staggering $5 million fortune with India national cricket team & Tamil Nadu cricket team. But how does this monk, intelligent cricket player from Chennai, Tamilnadu India spend his money? Here are some figures which show the rate he charges per match.

Once To get some earning, he started working in snooker club and he is at top of summit of success with that mind-boggling worth of $1.5 million. It is also told that ‘Old monk’ keeps the Indian cricket team high.Np one knows about the cars he owns but in one picture he was sighted with chevy Cruze and there is no information about his collection of bikes.

Though he has the house located in Chennai, India which worth more than 1 crore.

Vijay is not associated with any business firm either its automotive brand or sports firm. But there are details which are not available about his engagement with high business profiles and the business he owns. One more interesting fact, It is no secret that many celebrities and sportsmen have been caught with illegal drugs habit in the past. Some even openly accept their drug usage. Do you think that Murali Vijay does smoke cigarettes, weed or marijuana? Or does Murali Vijay do steroids, coke or even stronger drugs such as Meth? And the answer is ‘Hell No’ that make this cricketer even more famous after being called Monk.

1. Zaheer Khan and Dale Steyn are his favorite bowlers. Virat Kohli, Kumar Sangakkara, and Hasim Amla are his favourite batsmen.

2. At age of 17, he left home just know about his self and what he actually want on his life telling his parents that he will never do anything stupid like committing suicide.

3. Vijay appeared in the Test match as the opener for India in 2008 as he was replacing Gautam Gambhir, who was serving a one-match ban for an on- field altercation.

4. Murali Vijay has played 31 Tests and totalled 2188 runs at an average of 39.78. He has played just 14 ODIs and his last ODI was in July 2013.

Vijay is known for his extraordinary talent of cricket and calm nature, being one of the successful Indian cricketer he is also good in person and great father & husband. Having not involvement in any prohibited things he is proving himself an ideal for many people in India.