James Anderson Net Worth 2018

Who is James Anderson and what is his net worth 2018? Nicknamed as Jimmy, James Michael Anderson, a world famous English cricketer was born on 30th July 1982 in Burnley, Lancashire. He is well known for being the highest international wicket-keeper of England till date. After playing for his college and in a number of domestic games, he switched to international cricket and since then never turned back.  Apart from playing for England cricket team, he plays for Lancashire as well.

This multi talented child of his parents always managed to make his father Michael Anderson and mother Catherine Anderson proud of himself. Apart from being one of the best cricketers England has produced so far, he is also a successful entrepreneur and model. Being born and raised in a middle-class family, he got to know the value of money since his childhood. His father was an optician in Burnley and mother was one doting housewife; the reason why Anderson and his sister started working to get more money for their home.

James Anderson Net Worth

That’s the cause of him being a hard working man in the later part of his life as well. Although his father and mother always encouraged him for his passion towards cricket and made sure he has a cricket kit available with him. They also let him play in the local clubs. After making his debut in 2002, he got the privilege to play in 3 successive World Cups in the year 2003, 2007 and 2011.

He married the love of his life Daniella Llyod who is an English model and has done a number of modelling projects. The two met in 2004 while on England duty in London. They tied the knots in the year 2006 and now are blessed with two cute daughters, Lola Rose and Ruby Luxe. Marriage has made me a much happier person as said by Anderson. His ever-changing style, his decent looks, and charming personality has made him one heartthrob of England.

Being born and brought up at Burnley, England, he studied at St Mary’s and St Theodore’s RC High School, Burnley. By the age he was 17, he started dreaming of becoming a world-famous international cricket player. And to fulfil his childhood desire he started playing in the Burnley Cricket Club from a young age. With the passion and obsession, this young player became the fastest player in the country and start making his own records from his juvenile age.

Net Worth of James Anderson

James Anderson has a total net worth of $8.2 million. Playing like a robust player, his annual salary also claims to be same. Although being a professional cricketer, he has other sources of income as well that add to his total net worth. He is in central contract with the national board and has the famous “James Anderson Collection” which is one menswear highly reputed brand running worldwide. Apart from all this, he is one doting model that has done a number of projects in the modelling sector, proving his worth in every field.

Although the life of celebrities didn’t get the chance to escape from people all around and the ever demanding media but James Anderson, being one private person try to keep the things within himself as much as possible. As told by him in an interview, he bought an Audi a4 convertible when he got the enough money to buy one. Although he said he is not much into cars, he just wants a safe, secure and comfortable ride. But he has the love of gadgets. He likes to get in touch with the latest technology flowing into the market and buy the latest gadget of his choice. He resides in his one big mansion located at England.

Apart from cricket, James Anderson has indulged himself in a number of other sectors that not only enlightens his talents but also show the capabilities of this hard working cricketer. He is the first cricketer in the history of England that has become a fashion designer too. He got into this venture since 2012 and design for Elvis Jesus.

The profits of the sale by the designs made by him are given off the Nordoff-Robbins, a charity sponsored by him. This reflects the humanitarian and humbleness of Anderson. Later in the year 2014, he launched ‘Chess London’ which is one London-based brand which is dedicated to menswear only. Not only this, in the same year he launched his own menswear brand.

Apart from trying his hands on fashion designing, Anderson has also done modeling for a number of magazines. The one that got all the attention was his modelling for “Attitude”, where he modelled naked in the support of gays. Attitude is one best selling gay magazine running across Britain.

He also hosts one cricket themed radio show “Not Just cricket” which is forecasted on BC Radio 5 Live. This again gained much popularity that can be proved by the fact that it was nominated for the Best sports program in the year 2013 Radio Academy.

Making his debut in the year 2002, in the Lancashire cricket, Anderson has managed to make some of the historical matches that can be remembered in the future. He played around 13 matches and is considered one of the promising players of Lancashire Cricket County Club as he took 50 wickets in those matches and three five-wickets hauls. With his hat-trick in the consecutive year, while playing against Zimbabwe, he was looked upon as one devoted player in cricket.

With his superb performances in the domestic career, it became an easy task for him to get the opportunity to play in the international cricket as well. He made his international debut on England’s 2002/03 when he was just 20 years old. This made him give the youngest player award by NBC. He has represented in about 100 test matches and around 200 one-day internationals so far. His test debut was against Zimbabwe, where he played like a gun.

Later in the year 2003, when he got the entry in World Cup, he proved his worth by taking a number of wickets. He even managed to secure his position for a longer period of time. But cricketers and their injuries sometimes hamper their growth. And the same happened with Anderson as well when in the same year he got a stress fracture and numerous injuries that made him rest for a couple of months.

But Anderson starts hitting the playground after regaining his lost confidence and healing from his injuries. He proved himself by being a 400 wicket haul maker in international test cricket. he currently attains the position of 6th highest test wicket taker of all time.

When the second test of England-Pakistan series took place at Manchester, Anderson managed to become the first one to take 50 wickets against all other main test playing countries that include Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies.

With his bowling style as right arm pace bowler, he engenders natural outswing and can do reverse swinging as well. In the case of batting, he is a handy lower-order batsman and has made a world record by making through 54 test innings without a duck. In the field, while fielding he has shown his strength and quick responses to the ball that proves his athletic figure.

James Anderson with the multi-talents has managed to acquire one respectable position in the country. Along with a long list of cricket career achievements, he had also chosen to be given some of the most privileged awards. He is beecn ranked as 6th highest test wicket taker till date. He has taken remarkably 21 Test and 2 One Day International five-wicket hauls so far. Contributing so much to cricket, Anderson was appointed as an officer of the order of the British Empire in the year 2015 as a Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Other than these privileges, he also received his OBE (Order of the British Empire) from the Prince of Whales on February 2016 at the Buckingham Palace. This was given for his overall excellent contribution to the England cricket and being one of the most doting players in England. He received the award proudly along with his wife Daniella and daughters Lola and Ruby.

Some of his Prominent Career Honors are:

– NBC Denis Compton award in 2002, the year when he made debut for being the most promising county player.

– Man of the Match title in 2003, during World Cup against Pakistan, when he took 4 wickets in the game.

– In the same year, he was claimed as Youngest Cricketer of the Year and later awarded a central contract with the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

An unbeaten cricketer, a successful fashion designer and a thriving model, James Anderson has proved himself in every field of his life. Being one caring husband and father, he established his image as a family man and devoted person. With his hands on his venture of menswear collection, he has made people more excited about his upcoming news daily. His humbleness and humanitarian acts of charity made him even more praising. No wonder he will bear out to be the best entrepreneur in the coming days. Such people are born rarely and when they are let’s celebrate them in this world.