Ian Botham Net Worth 2019

Who is Ian Botham and what is his net worth 2019? Sir Ian Terence Botham was born on 24 November 1955 and was an England team cricketer a test team captain and also cricket commentator currently. In Test cricket, Botham scored a total of 14 centuries or 5200 runs took 383 wickets and held 120 catches. He was mainly playing for Somerset; and also for Durham and Worcestershire.

He also played for a season (1987–88) in Australia in which he was playing for Queensland. He’s a super awesome cricketer of 1980’s and also a leading sports personality of all time. He was the mostly the trending topic of that time when he used to snatch away all the attention of the people with his life’s stories, his ups, and downs.

Ian Botham Net Worth

While now and again a disputable player both on and off the field, Botham held various Test cricket records and played marvellously in his career. These integrated the record for the most noteworthy number of wickets taken by an England bowler, until 17 April 2015 when his scores and performance was outperformed by Jimmy Anderson. Botham was one of England’s best all-rounders, especially in Test cricket.

He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in the 2007 New Years Honours List and on 8 August 2009. He was finally accepted in ICC cricket hall of fame. He stays understood by his various nicknames like “Beefy”,” Both”, “Guy”. Quite unique for a name isn’t it guys? He is a very good looking fine man who has a height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Botham was conceived in Heswall near Liverpool and is the son of Herbert Leslie Botham and Violet Marie, née Collett. His father worked for Westland and his mother, both his folks played cricket. He started his schooling in Milford Junior School in Yeovil, Somerset, where he started loving this game and played for Somerset when he was very young. From an early age, he was constantly determined.

At the point when he was educated, Botham needed to be a sportsman, the professions special lady at his school said to him, “Fine, everybody wants to be a good player, so what you want to do? Only this one line moved Botham to be what he is right now and let him achieve all that he wanted in his life.

Then began the most famous few weeks in English cricket history when Botham, when he was under Mike Brearley’s captaincy, led England to a surprising Ashes victory with three performances – two with the bat, one with the ball – of magical vividness. Everyone led to victory and among them; they caused a roar in support for English cricket that reverberated through the decade.

By the end of the match, judges who were still in their mind were wondering if Botham had done a bad thing for making the whole England believe that success is a matter of luck, not hard work or preparation or he has done a good thing by winning and making the country proud. Funny and cool at the same time, isn’t it?

Net Worth of Ian Botham

Ian Botham’s aggregate total net worth is assessed to be around $11 million.

In 1976, in the Borough of Doncaster, Botham wedded Kathryn Waller. They have one child, Liam who was conceived August 1977 and two little girls, and Liam is a previous expert cricketer and rugby player. Botham is an energised football fan and backings Chelsea and Scottish football club Rangers. He is likewise a VP of Scunthorpe United Football Club. He presently lives in Almeria in Spain with his family.

Botham’s private life has additionally shown up in Britain’s newspaper daily papers, with no less than one extramarital issue provoking an open conciliatory sentiment to his significant other Kathy. In August 2014, a photo of a semi-erect penis was uploaded from Botham’s twitter account which created a lot of controversies and problems for him. Botham denied that the photo had been taken by him and his account had been hacked.

Whatever controversies he had made but still he is the favourites of many cricket lovers who still love watching him smile. He may have done many good and bad things in his life but after all, he is a human too, so there’s no point in blaming him every time he does something wrong. He excels in his field and that’s what matter. He’s an excellent player and an awesome all-rounder. He is currently a commentator and he is doing his job fabulously. He is a good person with dominating and great personality which makes him stand strong before the world.