Ian Bell Net Worth

Ian Ronald Bell was born on April 11 in the year 1982. Ian Bell is recognized as one of the finest players in the England Cricket Team as well as has earned quite a name in International Cricket. Ian Bell started his career in the year 1999. When he was 17 years old, he became a senior player at his club. His dedication towards the game and his passion has kept him in the sport even when he is aged 34 years. England Cricket Team always makes sure that Ian Bell is selected in the playing eleven players or even with the traveling team. Ian Bell is an important batsman of the England Cricket Team. He often is given bowling which he prefers by his right arm. He is a right-handed batsman and has fulfilled his role in the team by scoring thousands of runs.

Ian Bell’s family is from Dunchurch from where he started playing as a junior cricketer in his club. Ian went to a Roman Catholic college where he finished his studies. Ian Bell has also tried him in football. He went to Coventry City football school even though he was an Aston Villa fan. Being born in Coventry, he played for Coventry and North Warwickshire Cricket Club.

Ian Bell Net Worth 2017-2018

Ian Bell’s first professional match was for his club that is in Warwickshire. He made three appearances representing the club before which he got selected for England U-19 Cricket Team. Ian Bell scored 91 runs in his first innings against New Zealand and first innings of his international career. Ian got married to Chantal in the year 2011. Ian Bell is one of the most renowned personalities of the game.

Ian Bell Net Worth

The calculated estimated net worth of Ian Bell is approximate $10 million US dollars as of 2017. Ian Bell also known as Belly or The Duke of Wellington is an English batsman aged 34 years. He started playing cricket from the year of 1999. During his career of 17 years, Ian has earned quite a sum from the international cricket matches as well as matches for his club. He has now stopped playing for his club, but still a preferred player in the starting XI of England Cricket Team. His extraordinary centuries, quick reflexes while in the slip position on the field, subtle catches and amazing fielding brought him laurels and bonus amount in his account.

Ian Bell is a significant player in the England Cricket Team. He is also an eminent player of his childhood club known as the Warwickshire Cricket Club. He has contributed the major part of his career to these teams. There is a manager of the player who makes sure that Ian’s progress is not halted. The manager also handles Ian’s visit to other academies where junior English players are trained. The manager is also responsible for handling accounts and invitations to inaugurations, parties, and other occasions.

Ian Bell has scored about 20 centuries in test matches and about 3 ODI centuries. Ian Bell is also known for his quick response to the ball coming towards him. He is a treat to the eyes because of his wonderful work in the slip position on the field and when he is in the striking position. Ian Bell has scored centuries against all the countries that are playing international cricket today. He is the only player to do that.

In the Ashes championship in 2005, he was awarded MBE by England high authorities. MBE is an abbreviation for Member in the English Kingdom. It is one of the highest orders in the society. He also contributed significantly to his childhood club. He helped Warwickshire win CB40. The club awarded him a benefit in the year 2010. Ian Bell had also signed a contract extension with Warwickshire till the year 2015.

Ian Bell due to his age giving underperformance for his team. Due to this, he is often dropped from the starting XI. Ian still plays for his home club called Warwickshire Cricket Club. Within a period of 1 year, he has gained enough confidence and boost in his stamina that the selectors are considering him for more England Cricket Team. In one of the interviews, he said that his zeal is refreshed and has enough motivation to start in the international match.