Colston Villanueva Net Worth

Who is Colston Villanueva and what is his net worth 2018? When American reality series ‘Timber Creek Lodge’ finally hit our television screens in December 2016, following months of anticipation, we could not help but sit back and take notice. The show, set in the scenic town of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada in an opulent ski lodge, boasts of a stellar line up of good-looking and proficient staff members who are not only present to ensure a complete hotel.

Stay for the lodge’s ultra-rich boarders, but are also responsible for guiding them through the various exotic locales and exhilarating adventure sports that the town has to offer. Therefore, apart from the regular hotel staff, the show also features pro skiers, snowboarders and other adventure sport experts. One such professional staff member that has been grabbing eyeballs with his sheer confidence, endearing personality and daredevilry ever since the show went on air is Colston Villanueva, who appears on the show as a VIP host.

Colston Villanueva Net Worth 2018-2019

The handsome 26 year old is a successful professional big mountain free-skier with a number of competitive titles to his name. Born in a small ski-town in B.C. called Rossland, he was named Colston James Villanueva Beatson at birth and has skied ever since he was a toddler. What started off as a fun pastime, soon became Villanueva’s passion and he now is one of the most proficient skiers in his field. His skiing style is playful, innovative, high energy and exploratory.

Villanueva has himself revealed in a lot of interviews that he has always been guided by a zest for life, risks and adventure sports. However, after losing a number of dear friends to the sport, he has realised the importance of life and now puts a great deal of emphasis on safety. He considers the recently deceased pro skier JP Acluir his biggest inspiration, both in skiing and in life.

He loves skateboarding and surfing, the latter of which he feels, is quite similar to skiing in terms of dependency on nature, the excitement involved and the challenges that it has to offer. He believes in living life to the fullest and loves to travel, explore new locales, listen and produce hip hop music, make artistic videos and attend parties.

Education: Villanueva has talked at length in many of his interviews about his long standing fascination with political science and perhaps, that is the reason he holds an academic degree in the subject with a specialisation in global relations. He also revealed in 2014 that along with his successful skiing career, he was pursuing a law degree from France.

Colston Villanueva Net Worth

The estimated total net worth of Colston Villanueva is $450 thousand. The 26 year old has acquired this decent wealth with sheer guts and talent that has helped him establish a successful career as free-skier. His recent association with television reality shows is bound to considerably increase his net worth in the future.

Villanueva’s successful career, as a big mountain free skier, has brought him a number of lucrative deals from renowned sports brands. He not only endorses popular sports equipment brand Salomon, but also uses their products personally. He is the brand ambassador for Orage, a known ski-brand that manufactures freeskiing outerwear for people belonging to all ages, and Oakley, another sports brand with a spectacular range of sports and lifestyle products.

Moreover, Villanueva has modelled for various brands and has appeared on the cover of many top selling adventure sports magazines like SBC Skier, Canada’s very own ski magazine. He has also featured in a variety of adventure based shows and movies.

Villanueva’s daredevil free skiing acts, endearing charms and polite disposition is attracting a lot of attention to his TV show and he is constantly in the news for the same.

With his entire career ahead of him and an incessantly inquisitive spirit, Villanueva is destined to achieve great heights. Judging by his presence on his debut television show, he sure seems to possess a star quality about him, which can bring him a lot of television offers in the future.