Carl Lewis Net Worth

Who is Carl Lewis and what is his net worth 2018? Carl Lewis gained a lot of fame by excelling at track and field athletics and went on to win various gold and silver medals in three consecutive Olympics from 1984 to 1992 before he retired in 1997. Born in Birmingham, Alabama on July 1, 1961 Carl Lewis did not take part in the 1980 Olympics even though he qualified for the same, due to the US Boycott of the Moscow Games. Brought up in Willingboro, New Jersey, Carl and his siblings, numbering to three had a middle class upbringing, having their parents Evelyn and Bill Lewis give them exposure to numerous sports and arts. Lewis is known to have attended musicals and plays with his mother, along with taking classes in dance, cello and piano.

It was in his local town club that Lewis got to experience track and field events for the very first time, which both the parents took it upon themselves to coach. He was short for his age group, until he hit 15 and a growth spurt together, and gaining two and a half inches within a month, which actually had him adjust to the change by using crutches until his physique could adjust to the new change.

Carl Lewis Net Worth 2018-2019

Lewis turned out to be the star track and field high school athlete in the school and one of the premier ones across the country. 26-8 was the long-jump mark which Lewis achieved that year to set a brand new national prep record. Turning down the chance to stay local and enrolling in the University of Houston in the year 1980, Lewis went on to set field and track marks.

The year 1981 saw Lewis being named the top US amateur athlete, just after being the 2nd person in actual NCAA history to go on and win the long jump and 100 meters at the college championships. Coincidentally, the only other person to achieve this feat was Lewis’ long time idol, Jesse Owens.

Even though his first crack at the Olympics in 1980 got affected by bad luck, the next Olympics at 1984 saw Carl Lewis dominate all the track and field events. He won Golds in the 100 meters, the 200, the long jump and even the 4×100 relay. He gave stellar performances in both the Seoul Olympics in 1988, and the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 as well.

His total gold medal tally went up to 9, including the final gold medal in 1996 in Long-jump. The same year saw Lewis regain his number one ranking in the event, an amazing 15 years after claiming the coveted top ranking for the first time. Lewis kept on piling the gold medals in the ever popular World Championships – adding 8 more career gold medals.

Carl Lewis Net Worth

It will come as no surprise that Carl Lewis has amassed a massive net worth of $21 Million. His wealth is from winning the various track and field events, getting drafted in the NFL and the NBA and all the endorsements he is into. Even though he is retired, he is never out of public mention, and remains to be one of the all-time Olympic legends.

Even though Carl Lewis will be remembered forever for his Olympic performances and his career in general, his interaction with the press has been complex to say the least. Some have gone on to flat out say that he is simply arrogant. With honours such as induction into the USA Track & Field Hall of Fame, and “Olympian of the Century,” the legend of Carl Lewis is here to stay.