Brodie Smith Net Worth 2018

Who is Brodie Smith and what is his net worth 2018? Brodie Smith was born in the year 1987. He is a famous Disc League Player and he is an excellent trick shot performer. He is not just known for his game. You might know him from YouTube. His videos are very popular on YouTube.

Brodie has a huge fan following and his fans love him. He was born in Chicago and is an American citizen. He began his career in the year 2006.

Brodie Smith Net Worth


Brodie Smith has had a fantastic career as a disc player. His career reached the highest point when he joined AUDL and played for Indianapolis Alleycats in the year 2011. In the year 2013, he signed a contract with Chicago Wildfire. He had an injury and could not play in 2014 and 2015. He signed with Jacksonville Cannons in the year 2017. He is very much in the game still and his YouTube channel is one of the most famous and much loved.

Brodie Smith is a well known personality. His trick shot video made him super famous overnight in the year 2011. You will easily find his videos on YouTube. These videos are very helpful if you want to know about Frisbee trick shots. These videos are very famous and the youth fan following loves it. He is truly a YouTube millionaire because he has a huge fan following. His fans love his videos because they are fun, interactive and helpful. He has more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is very famous and he makes the sport fun for the youth. The tips and tricks are easy to understand and you will appreciate it once you watch it.

Brodie Smith has signed a contract which means that he will be in the Crows till the end of 2018. In 2015, he ended the year on a positive note and proved that he is an influential player. Brodie Smith has played more than 97 games at Adelaide. He enjoys playing at the Crows and he is happy with his career. The coach Don Pyke appreciates and praises Brodie a lot.

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Net Worth of Brodie Smith

Brodie Smith has had a very successful career in the field and his net worth is $2.5 million. He is not just a fantastic disc league player, he also has a very famous YouTube page. His Frisbee Trick Shots went viral on the internet in the year 2011. Since then, he has been famous on the internet. He has also got a line of merchandise which is sponsored. His famous videos have made their way in ESPN Top Plays. He has more than 1 million YouTube followers on his channel. His videos are very interesting and they give great tips on frisbee trick shots. Most of the people know him through his YouTube channel which is very popular.

Brodie Smith may be a disc player but his YouTube fame tells us that he is a much loved personality and he is doing really well. He has helped the youth by teaching them some fantastic Frisbee tricks and tips. Take this opportunity to visit his channel and like his videos. He is surely the best instructor when it comes to displaying his trick shots. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours. There are no controversies related to Brodie and he takes his game very seriously. We hope to see some more interesting trick shot videos on his YouTube channel.