Roberto Duran Net Worth 2019

Who is Roberto Duran and what is his net worth 2019? Roberto Duran is extensively recognised as a Panamanian based prior professional boxer and the one who contended from year 1968 to 2001. He was identified as an adaptable brawler as well as in-fighter in ring; this actually received him nickname of “Manos de Piedra” for his overwhelming punching supremacy. You may be wandering for getting net worth of Roberto Duran, get it below:

Early Life

Born in Guarare, located in Panama, Roberto Duran’s mother named Clara Samaniego, stayed as a native from Guarare, and his father Margarito Duran, belonged Arizona, located in US. Basically, he was brought up in purlieus of El Chorrillo in district of Panama. He started fighting through talented boxers prevailing at Neco de La Guardia named gymnasium at an age of eight. Moreover, he started his official debut back in year 1968 when he was of age 16.

Roberto Duran Net Worth

After an early amendment being made, he received win in thirty in sequence, as well as made score of knockout wins on coming Featherweight Champion named Ernesto Marcel as well as earlier Super Featherweight Champion named Hiroshi Kobayashi. This was concluded in his principal title bout recorded in year 1972, in which this boxer controversially beaten Ken Buchanan in New York for getting WBA Lightweight Championship.

He, in form of 2-to-1 loser, made score of a knockdown in opposition of defending champion simply fifteen seconds in initial round as well as assaulted him during that bout. He also followed up right on his title winning type of performance through many non-title based matches. Afterwards in that year, in additional non-title based bout, he faced lose in a ten round based decision against Esteban De Jesús.

As overall, he noted twelve effective defences of title as well as collected record i.e. 62-1. His recent defence was in year 1978 when he fought in a third fight arranged with De Jesus, recognised as a union match. In this, he knocked out De Jesus one more time and attained his WBC based Lightweight Championship. He gave up Undisputed Lightweight Championship during year 1979.

The Lightweight title was actually a build up for an effort made at Welterweight title. Here, he attained pair of wins in opposition of prior WBC Welterweight Champion named as Carlos Palomino as well as Zeferino Gonzales. After getting defeat in Leonard in Montreal, he received iconic status in his native. He swiftly attained weight. Leonard started rematch clause as well as inquired for fight in the next November.

Apart from this, it is known that he devoted some time in order to mend from the particular fight as well as attained higher weight to compete for WBC based Light Middleweight title, however he lose in his initial attempt made at one championship in the corresponding division in year 1982. The bout was in opposition to Wilfred Benítez for 15 round undisputed decision, after defeating Nino Gonzalez as well as Luigi Minchillo, both through ten round type of decisions within non-title bouts.

In year 2001, he travelled to Argentina in order to promote one salsa music based CD which he had released. When he was there, he was engaged in car crash as well as needed life-saving based surgery. After completion of the incident, he proclaimed retirement from career of boxing at an age 50.

Net Worth of Roberto Duran

Roberto Duran is commonly recognised as a retired Panamanian based boxer having net worth of $3.5 million. He allegedly blew by over $20 million in the peak of his boxing career on extravagant lifestyle. Across the course of his boxing career, he fought around 119 bouts as well as got win in 104 out of them. Moreover, he too appeared as a musician as well as licensed ultralight pilot, adding to his income. Presently, he is brand ambassador of Panama Blue, recognised as a premium bottled water of Panama.

Roberto Duran is recognised as a professional boxer who worked in his career spanning more than three decades. During many bouts he fought, he faced win in many bouts and got many championship titles.