Riddick Bowe Net Worth 2018

Who is Riddick Bowe and what is his net worth 2018? Riddick Bowe is acknowledged as a past formal boxer who contended from period of 1989 till 1996, and also from 2004 till 2008. This boxer took resignation from his position as the undisputed world heavyweight champion during year 1992. Being an amateur, the boxer has won a silver medal inside the super heavyweight section at year 1988 based Summer Olympics. Net worth of Riddick Bowe is gained mostly from his career in boxing, get further details here:

Early Life

Bowe is actually twelfth child of his mother named Dorothy Bowe’s total thirteen children. He was born and brought up inside the Brownsville division of Brooklyn. The boxer’s brother named Henry passed away of disease -AIDS, and his sister named Brenda was wounded to death through a drug addict through a struggled robbery.

Riddick Bowe Net Worth

Being an amateur, Bowe got win in famous New York Golden Gloves Championship as well as many other contests. During year 1984, when he was of age 17, he bashed opponent named James Smith in only 4 seconds. In year 1985, at event of National Golden Gloves championships, he was defeated to Fort Worth heavyweight named Donald Stephens. He has won silver medal during year 1988 based Seoul Olympics, getting defeat in a controversial bout during finals to upcoming world heavyweight champion named Lennox Lewis.

He also had a leading first round, recording 33 out of 94 punches flung (i.e. 34%) whereas Lewis has landed total 14 out of 67 (i.e. 21%). During event of initial round the referee belonging from East Germany offered Bowe two restraints for headbutts as well as he abstracted a point for next i.e. third headbutt, though replay evidently depicted there was actually no headbutt.

Bowe became formal after his Olympic loss. Extremely stared trainer named Eddie Futch accepted job of enhancing skills of Bowe as he perceived the talent. It is found that Eddie stated that Bowe had higher potential as compared to any boxer which he had trained ever. After becoming professional during year 1989, he appeared to turn as a world heavyweight champion for two times.

Also, in year 1992 he got win in undisputed WBC, WBA, as well as IBF titles by beating then-unbeaten prior undisputed cruiserweight champion named Evander Holyfield. This boxer too emptied the WBC based title afterwards in that year in complaint, as an alternative of protecting that title in opposition of their number one candidate named as Lennox Lewis. The incidence rendered the undisputed championship disjointed till year 1999.

Later he has resumed a part of the world heavyweight championship during year 1995, beating Herbie Hide for then-untried WBO title. During process of accomplishing so, he turned as the initial boxer ever in history to get win in the titles of every four leading sanctioning organisations—the WBC, WBA, IBF, as well as WBO—and stays as the only heavyweight boxer to accomplish so. Afterwards in that year, he had freed the WBO title with purpose to fight Holyfield actually for third time, as well as he won conclusively by being the leading boxer to avoid Holyfield.

Bowe got involved in two ruthless slugfests alon with Andrew Golota, and both of these terminated controversially while Golota recurrently beat him through low blows. It is found that Bowe took retirement from this sport after the Golota bouts, creating a low-key based return during 2004, however has is inactive from year 2008.

Net Worth of Riddick Bowe

Riddick Bowe is presently known as a retired professional boxer attaining net worth of $40 thousand. His income was high as he partook in year 1988 based Seoul Olympics wherein he has won one silver medal as well as declared as a winner of four different New York Golden Gloves Championships during period of 1985 till 1988. Bowe earned well by working professionally in his boxing career during year 1989, by a KO on beginner named Lionel Butler.

Right from his teenage, Riddick Bowe began performing well as an amateur boxer. Later by his consistent efforts, he became a professional boxer. He is regrettably one among several athletes who have gone broken after effective careers.