Leon Spinks Net Worth 2019

Who is Leon Spinks and what is his net worth 2019? Leon Spinks is renowned as an American based previous professional boxer who contended from period of 1977 till 1995. In just his eighth official fight, this boxer has won the acknowledged heavyweight championship during year 1978 after getting win against Muhammad Ali through split decision. This was regarded as one of the principal disappointments in history of boxing. Net worth of Leon Spinks is grossed primarily from his career in boxing, get further details below:

Apart from being heavyweight champion as well as his typical gap-toothed chuckle (because of losing two and afterwards all the four of his anterior teeth), he attained disrepute for the tragedy which occurred in his career after getting defeat against Ali. Though, he also challenged one more time for famous WBC heavyweight title during year 1981 (defeating to Larry Holmes), as well as WBA cruiserweight based title in year 1986 (defeating to Dwight Muhammad Qawi).

Leon Spinks Net Worth


Spinks made professional debuted in year 1977 inside Las Vegas, located in Nevada, defeating Bob Smith through knockout in total five rounds. The boxer’s following fight was arranged in Liverpool, located in England, wherein he defeated Peter Freeman through initial round knockout.

Afterwards, he perceived an upgrading in opposition quality, while he boxed Pedro Agosto of Puerto Rico as well as bashed him in first round. Later, he has struggled against Scott LeDoux which resulted to draw and won against Italian champion named Alfio Righetti through a decision.

Being a lower ranked candidate, the boxer has noted history during year 1978, by defeating Muhammad Ali on fifteen rounds split based decision inside Las Vegas. The boxer has won the world heavyweight based title in his eighth official fight, recorded as the shortest time ever in history.

Though, he was uncovered of his world title through WBC for declining to protect it in opposition to Ken Norton, as an alternative approving to a return fight held against Ali to protect his WBA crown.

This title, uncovered from Spinks, was later bestowed to Norton. Moreover, his second match held with Ali, at Louisiana Superdome in year 1978, noted severely for him. It is known that presently in-shape Ali through improved, severer tactics has infrequently misplaced control, getting back his title through unanimous fifteen-round based decision.

The boxer’s following fight, which is recorded to be his only one during year 1979, was held at Monte Carlo, wherein he was bashed out in the round one by forthcoming WBA based world heavyweight champion named Gerrie Coetzee.

Apart from that, he is famed as he has boxed for additional eight years by mixed results. In year 1994, the boxer has lost a fight by KO against John Carlo, the initial time a previous heavyweight champion had faced defeat against a boxer creating his pro debut.

Throughout year 1990s, he functioned for Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, getting win in its world title during year 1992. This made him the only person to grab titles in boxing as well as in wrestling. Also, during late 1990s, he stayed as headliner on year-round, exploring autograph shows.

Net Worth of Leon Spinks

Leon Spinks is presently a retired boxer possessing a prominent net worth of $500 thousand. His earning began before few decades, as he has noted his official boxing debut during early 1977. After a year, and just eight fights afterwards, this boxer has won the world heavyweight based title, defeating well-known boxer named Muhammad Ali.

From that, his career suffered some ups and downs; however there was not any major influence on his net worth. He has also dropped to the cruiserweight division afterwards in his career, as well as he boxed with recurrent success till year 1995. During the span of his formal boxing career, he has won twenty-six fights, and lost 17 fights.

For around two decades, Leon Spinks achieved higher fame in his career being a boxer with consistent performances. His skills in boxing can be easily perceived form his win of championships titles, but he is an accomplished wrestler too.