Kell Brook Net Worth 2019

Who is Kell Brook and what is his net worth 2019? Kell Brook is the currently holder of the titles The British Welterweight and The WBO Inter-continental for the same weight. Kell Brook was born in Sheffield, England. Kell is a professional boxer who is known for his IBF welterweight title for more than three years since 2014.

Early Life

Kell Brook was born to Terry Thomson and Julie Thomson. Boxing came into his life when he was very young. He always fought for the titles and he is the most determined boxer among all. Kell is unmarried but he was said to be in relationship with his longtime girlfriend Linsey Myers. The couple also have two daughters, one among them is named Neveah Brook.

Kell Brook Net Worth

Kell Brook is fighting since more than a decade only with his unbeatable confidence on his strength. Kell fought for more than 37 times and he has been victorious 36 times. This shows his immense dedication and hard work in the game. Kell’s career turning point was when he started his professional boxing career in 2014 and fought with an experienced boxer journeyman Peter Buckley at the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield. Since then he never got a chance to look back in his boxing career.

Kell is the man of records and awards. Kell won the welterweight title by defeating Barrie Jones on 14th June 2008. He won the world champion award when he got victory over Shawn Porter on 16th August 2014. Kell Brook is ranked as the Best Welterweight in the world by Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and The Ring Magazine I 2016. Kell was voted as Britain’s Young Boxer of the Year in 2009 by the Boxing Writer’s Club.

Net Worth of Kell Brook

Kell Brook has net worth of $10 Million. His annual income is said to be $1,087,400. Along with the income from boxing, Kell also earns from ads, sponsorships and endorsements which are estimated to be $8,42,760 in 2016-17. For Golovkin fight itself he earned around $5 Million. Kell is one among the top earning boxers in England. His continuous dedication and long term hard work has brought him a great fortune for his life.

Kell Brook is known for his humble nature. He never is too fond of money or wealth. He lives in a simple house in Sheffield with his family. Kell runs his own company KELL BROOK SPORTS LTD. where Kell and Julie Brook are the directors of the company. Kell Brook never forgets to say his jab is his real property and he wants to own it forever. Brook never wanted to lead a luxurious life. He spends most of his earnings in training himself in boxing.

Having won most of the prestigious awards and titles Kell Brook’s achievements are all because of his well-planned moves and determination in making them real. Since his first fight he always experienced only victories until he got defeated for the first time by Gennady Golovkin.

Kell plays for his victories and titles only. After the defeat too he woke up and he is training himself to face the challenge again with the same Golovkin. Kell’s dedication and never giving up attitude makes himself a champion of champions. He is one such boxer who has never been in the position to face a knockout round in his entire pro boxing career.

The most recent news is that Kell Brook and Errol Spence Jr would be facing each other in this summer. Spence is also from the same city of Kell Sheffield. The fight between Kell Brook and Amir Khan is still on the fire since months. Kell is trying hard in making himself ready to welterweight limit at thirty.

Though winning and losing is common in any game, Kell Brook has tasted only success in his career. It is hard for him to digest the failures. Since the time he started his career he never took break in boxing. He is being constantly maintaining his popularity without losing the earned titles. Kell is the man who believes in his own strength and he trains himself so hard before appearing for each fight. Kell’s love for his profession has got him lots of fortune in giving him name and fame throughout the world.