Julio Cesar Chavez Net Worth 2019

Who is Julio Cesar Chavez and what is his net worth 2019? Julio César Chávez González, commonly known as Julio Cesar Chavez, is a retired professional boxer that hails from Mexico. His 25-year boxing career is one filled with a plethora of awards achievements. The most remarkable feat accomplished by this man is that he didn’t lose even a single match for a consecutive 13 years. His punching technique and dominating attitude in the ring have mesmerised audiences all around the globe.

Early Life

His boxing career witnessed its birth at the early age of 17. In his 12th fight, he knocked out Miguel Ruiz in the first round itself. At the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, he knocked out Mario “Azabache” Martinez that led to his first WBC Super Featherweight Championship title victory. The title stayed in the grasp of Chavez from 1984 to 1987. During that timespan, he gracefully defended his WBC Super Featherweight title 9 times.

Julio Cesar Chavez Net Worth

On November 21, 1987, Julio levelled up his game and entered the Lightweight division. A heated rivalry with Edwin Rosario ended with Julio Cesar Chavez defeated his opponent with a knockout in the 11th round.

That career-defining victory enabled him to hold the WBC lightweight championship title. A number of media publications quoted him as the ‘world’s best fighter’. Sports Illustrated was one of them. In the year 1998, Julio proved his mettle yet again by defeating the world number 1,’Rodolfo Aguilar’.

That year proved to be even more fruitful for Chavez as he, later on, went to unify the WBA and WBC belts resulting from a technical victory against the defending champion, ‘José Luis Ramírez’. However, he let go of both is titles owing to his decision of moving into the next weight division.

The Light Welterweight didn’t stay away from the reach of Julio Cesar Chavez for long. By defeating Roger Mayweather with a 10th round TKO, he secured the WBC Light Welterwight championship.

His 13-year victory streak ended in a fight with Frankie Randall. The fight happened in the January of 1994 where Chavez was knocked down. The fight’s decision generated a wave of dissatisfaction among audiences around the world and was heavily talked about in the media.

Chavez put a stop to his boxing career in 2005 when opted for retirement. He has been retired ever since with a career record of 107-6-2.

All in all, Julio Cesar Chavez won 6 world championship titles in 3 different weigh divisions. More precisely, in 1984, he won the WBC Super Featherweight title. Later in 1987, he won the WBA Lightweight title. In the consecutive year, he won the WBC Lightweight title. Even the following year didn’t put a stop to his series of victories as he won the WBC Light Welterweight title.

In 1989 itself, he also tasted victory in the IBF Light Welterweight Championship. Yet again, he won the IBF Light Welterweight title in 1990. In 1994, he won his last title (WBC Light Welterweight).

He suffered through alcohol abuse and drug addiction for a long period in his life. According to Chavez himself, his drinking habits developed roots after his fight with Edward Rosario. He fathers two children; former WBC Middleweight champion, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and a prospective talent, Omar Chavez.

Net Worth of Julio Cesar Chavez

Not that it is any surprise, Julio Cesar Chavez is a huge man in terms of financial standing. His net worth is $11 million that is attributed to his exceptional boxing career. No doubt that he has was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011.

Julio Cesar Chavez is a boxing talent that rarely touches this planet. Ranked 24 by ESPN on the list of the ’50 Greatest Boxers of All Time’, he is a man with 6 world title victories and a 13-year winning streak. His children have quite a legacy to carry forward!