Chris Eubank Net Worth 2019

Who is Chris Eubank and what is his net worth 2019? Once a drug and shoplifting addict, Christ Eubank is now one of the most respected British professional boxers. He had spent his initial days of life in extreme poverty. Yet, Chris never gave up on his dreams. He rose to power and fame with his ultimate boxing techniques and tactics. He is credited for his bravery in the boxing ring.

Early Life

Chris Eubank was born to mother Rachel Scollins on 8th August 1966 in Dulwich, London England. His original name is Christopher Livingstone Eubanks. As the time passed, Chris removed the ‘s’ from his surname. Eventually, he picked up his stage name as Chris Eubank. Chris spent his childhood days in Jamaica. After that, he came back to England where he stayed in Stoke Newington, Dalston, Hackney and Peckham. During that time, Chris had a miserable financial condition.

Chris Eubank Net Worth

Chris Eubank was married to Karron in the year 1990 in Brighton. From Karron, he has four children named Christopher, Sebastian, Emily, and Joseph. Besides this, Chris had one more son Nathanael Wilson from his six-month relationship with Cynthia Wilson. On the contrary, Chris denied any relationship with Cynthia. But he had to pay the compensation amount on the grounds of the paternity test.

Later in 2005, Karron wanted to get separated from Chris. Gradually she petitioned for divorce in the court. In 2014, Chris got married to her manager Claire Geary.

The year 2009 marked the downfall of the 50-year-old professional boxer as he incurred bankruptcy. Due to Chris’s excessive expenditure, he owed income taxes worth $ 1.62 million.

Education: Chris had studied at three different schools, namely, Northwold Primary School, Bellingden Junior School and Thomas Calton Secondary School. During his school days, he was suspended eighteen times in one year and also expelled because of his involvement in school fights. But when he was asked the reason for these fights, he told that he used to protect other children from bullies. On account of his fighting gesture, Chris was also sent to the children prison Orchard Lodge Regional Resource Center.

Later, Chris Eubank was sent to New York by his father when he was sixteen years of age. He made a fresh start where he gave all the bad activities like drug addiction, shoplifting, alcohol addiction etc. He started attending school.

Net Worth of Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank is said to have an estimated net worth of $650 thousand. His source of income is from boxing and endorsements. He participated in middleweight championship, super-middleweight championship and cruiserweight championship. On account of excellent boxing abilities, Chris remained undefeated in his first ten-year boxing tenure. He has won the world title in middleweight category championship.

In the year 2005, Chris Eubank was appointed as the brand ambassador for GamCare. GamCare is a gambling charity which supports ethical and responsible gambling.

Chris Eubank has a perfect taste for clothing. He used to speak like an aristocrat, and dressed in the best-customised outfits. A luxurious part of Chris’s lifestyle includes his touring. He travels everywhere in the first class. On an incident when he was invited as a guest at a royal garden party, Chris flew to New York to get his wife an expressive outfit.

Once, Chris Eubank owned a new Aston Martin for which he paid a massive $ 174,726. However, he considered the existing car design to be inefficient. Eventually, he paid another $74,883 for getting a larger engine installed. Moreover, Chris bought a 32-feet American Peterbilt truck, the cost of which was $67,394. Further, he had to pay the shipping cost of $ 27,457 to get the truck from the United States of America.

Chris Eubank started his boxing career in the year 1985 in New York. He has participated in nearly 52 championships out of which he won 45 fights and lost only 5 fights. The remaining 2 fight matches were a draw. Chris remained the world champion for over five years. Moreover, he was undefeated in his first ten years of professional boxing.

Chris is praised for his utmost bravery in the boxing matches; the way he used to defend himself and challenge the resistance offered by his opponents.

The major chuck of Chris’s life was spent in extreme poverty. Yet he struggled hard and achieved the milestone. Chris Eubank has been a wonderful sportsman in his thirteen-year boxing tenure. He wouldn’t have been a champion if he wouldn’t have struggled diligently.

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