Bernard Hopkins Net Worth

Who is Bernard Hopkins and what is his net worth 2018? Bernard Hopkins is renowned as American based prior professional boxer and the one who contended from years 1988 till 2016. This celebrity is included among one of the greatest successful boxers since last three decades, possessing twelve chief world based championships in two different weight classes. This includes a sovereignty as the definite middleweight champion starting from year 2004 till 2005, as well as light heavyweight champion since 2011 till 2012. Net worth of Bernard Hopkins is high in millions, get more details below:

Bernard Hopkins was born to Bernard and his wife named Shirley. This celebrity was brought up along his family in Raymond Rosen based housing project located in Philadelphia. It is known that Hopkins got affiliated to crime during early phase of his life. Till age thirteen, this boxer was attacking people as well as he had been wounded for around three times. When he was of age seventeen, he was condemned in Graterford Prison for 18 years for nine crimes.

Bernard Hopkins Net Worth 2018-2019

When he was in prison he observed the slaying of other prisoner in one argument on cigarettes pack, but even found out his interest for boxing. It is found that after working for nearly five years, Hopkins was discharged from prison in 1988. Later, he decided to utilise boxing in form of an escape from his past life, as well as transformed to Islam.

In initial phase of his career, Hopkins directly appeared in professional boxing grades as one light heavyweight, getting lost in debut in year 1988, in Atlantic City to Clinton Mitchell. It is revealed that after layoff of sixteen month, he recommenced his career in form of a middleweight, getting win by a common decision on Greg Paige in year 1990.

Moreover, the IBF arrived again bashing at Hopkins’s entrance the same year, toning him with Mercado in Quito, Ecuador. In one maximum paying fight of career, Hopkins actually fought six-division based champion Oscar De La Hoya for acknowledged middleweight based championship in year 2004 in Las Vegas.

These boxers fought at one catch weight of 158 lbs, two pounds after stated middleweight limit i.e. 160 lbs. Moreover, Hopkins received win in match by knockout in round nine through one left hook to body and therefore turned out as a first boxer to join titles of every four chief sanctioning organisations. After his two losses against Jermain Taylor, this boxer at age 41 made decision not to seek retirement and let the decision to go two weight divisions to fight in front of The Ring light heavyweight champion named as Antonio Tarver in year 2006.

Hopkins also secured IBF Light Heavyweight Championship in front of Karo Murat n year 2013. Once Hopkins did a declaration asserting that he wished a concluding farewell kind of fight prior completion of year 2016, and this will be his initials fight across two years after losing to Kovalev in an uneven common decision. Moreover, Hopkins even asserted that he would take retirement after the particular fight, irrespective of be at light heavyweight or cruiserweight, placing end to 28 years of career in boxing.

Bernard Hopkins Net worth

Bernard Hopkins is essentially a professionally recognised boxer with a net worth of $50 million. Recognised as a light heavyweight and middleweight fighter, Hopkins has till now got win in his 51 out of 59 fights, adding his income. Moreover, he is too recognised as a prior Undisputed World Middleweight Champion. Other than his success in ring, Hopkins took part in world of business in form of one minority partner along Golden Boy Promotions.

Bernard Hopkins is extensively regarded as one of the supreme boxers of present time. This boxer was exceedingly strategic as well as defensive boxer recognised for having better speed as well as power with counterpunching talents. It is known that he praises mastering boxing basics as well as a great defence for endurance in this sport.