Mike Rashid Net Worth 2018

Who is Mike Rashid and what is his net worth 2018? Bodybuilding is an art as well as a science. When you use natural methods to build your muscles, it can become a sort of an art. However, you can build your body using scientific methods involving use of drugs. This can give you an enviable body in a very short time. However, the dangers of building the body in this manner can far outweigh the advantages. Famous bodybuilders such as Mike Rashid have seen the both of these worlds. Hence, he is the perfect person to guide people in these matters.

Early Life

Born on 14 March 1982 in the US, Mike Rashid had a fetish for having a well-sculpted body since a very young age. Mike Rashid is a YouTube Fitness guru. This is the new way to train now. People do not have the time to go to the gyms. They like to use social media channels for learning the finer arts of bodybuilding. Hence, there is ample scope for power bodybuilders like Mike Rashid to make a clean living. In addition to teaching people to build sculpted bodies, he teaches them to integrate the mind and the spirit with the body.

Mike Rashid Net Worth

As a child, Mike used to train very hard along with his brothers. His father was a strict disciplinarian. He used to take these boys to the forest to chop wood. Therefore, combining work with exercise became easy for Mike in a way. However, they used to do the same routines every day. Thus, they could not develop an all round body. As a child, he used to take steroids to build his body. However, he realised the ill effects of the steroids very early in life. Therefore, Mike used to go to private gyms to sculpt his body. He brings out the same methods in his YouTube videos and books on bodybuilding.

Teaching bodybuilding was the second profession for Mike Rashid. He was an accomplished boxer as well. As proof of his fighting abilities, he has won two National Golden Gloves.

Based in Los Angeles, he is an author of an eBook series, “Overtraining.” He emphasises the importance of training as well as maintaining a strict diet in the eBook series. He has a tremendous following on YouTube with more than 450,000 subscribers.

Education: We do not know much about the education of Mike Rashid. His father was a strict man. Hence, it is possible that Mike would have secured a decent education in a good school.

Net Worth of Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid has an estimated net worth of $2.1 million. His main source of income is from the sale of his eBooks. He also earns a good sum every year because of views and downloads of his YouTube videos. He owns IMSOALPHA, a company dealing in natural supplements. He is the owner of the Iron Addicts Gym in Florida. In addition, he is the founder of Alpha Academy Apparel. He co-owns Metronome, Original Addicts Gym, and LBC. Hence, amassing a net worth of $2.1 million should not be a tough job at all.

There is not much information on the internet about the material assets of Mike Rashid. However, we can state that the well-sculpted body is his greatest asset. He spends a lot of money in maintaining this natural asset. He understands the effects of steroids on the body. Hence, his endeavour is to keep them as far away as possible.

He is the author of many eBooks. He is the owner of a couple of gyms in Florida and other places in the US. He is the CEO and founder of IMSOALPHA, a company dealing with natural supplements, proteins, and vitamins. This company is a household name in Florida. People conversant with his style of maintaining fitness use these supplements on a regular basis.

Mike Rashid has caught the pulse of the young generation perfectly. He understands that their interests lie in social media exchanges. This gave him the idea of imparting fitness training through the YouTube channel. He proposes to intensify this method of training further and make it extremely popular.

This is a novel method of training and keeping the body fit. We have heard of online academic courses. This is a new concept. However, these innovative methods of Mike Rashid have caught the imagination of the people in general. They adore this method extremely. The popularity of his videos is ample testimony to this fact.