Furious Pete Net Worth

Who is Furious Pete and what is his net worth 2018? Canadian competitive eater, bodybuilder and YouTube celebrity, Peter Czerwinski is most popularly known as Furious Pete, his stage name. He holds several Guinness World Records for eating and has competed in more than 90 eating competitions.

Pete was born in Toronto, Canada on November 30, 1985 and has Polish-Canadian nationality. He learnt how to be independent at a young age, owing to both his parents being sick. While his mother battles multiple sclerosis, his father was a victim of bipolar disorder.

Furious Pete Net Worth

In his teens, he was severely anorexic because of which he had to be admitted to the hospital multiple times. One of the issues that he battled with as a child was his extremely low digestion rate. He decided to overcome the same by changing his daily eating habits and working out daily. Bodybuilding became his new calling that helped him put every other health scare behind him for good.

He attended the McMaster University where he graduated with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

He is currently engaged to Melissa Alexis Cvjeticanin. The latter also goes by the stage name, Mel Diva, also a bodybuilder.

Pete claims that bodybuilding saved his life. He started a YouTube channel, Furiouspete123 to share his life’s journey with people. He started posting videos on competitive eating after realising his talent in the field by beating an eating record. He has so far participated in more than 90 eating competitions and has six Guinness World Records in competitive eating to his name.

Some of his records includes eating a whole raw onion in just 43.53 seconds, eating 17 bananas in 2 minutes, 15 hamburgers in 10 minutes, 17 Jaffa Cakes in 60 seconds and drinking 750 ml of olive oil in 60 seconds. His YouTube channel today has over 4.3 million subscribers. He has also dabbled in videos focused on fitness as well as videos surrounding culinary travel.

Pete was also a participant on Season One of Canada’s Got Talent. He auditioned by eating 5 hardboiled eggs, 2 bananas, 3 pieces of Canadian bacon and a bag of milk in a total of 51 seconds. His performance although astonishing, didn’t get him past the Toronto auditions.

He then released a DVD documentary movie titled The Story of Furious Pete. It was a film about his life story and saw a screening at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

Furious Pete Net Worth

Furious Pete has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand. He has amassed this wealth through his YouTube channel, motivational speaking, TV show hosting as well as through the sale of clothes and workout accessories.

Some of his most famous videos include the 150 Warheads Challenge, Diet Coke and Mentos Human Experiment, Shocking Before and After Fitness Transformation and many more. He has been a victim of cancer, relapsing on more than one occasion. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2014, which again resurfaced in 2017. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy to be treated of the disease.