Dexter Jackson Net Worth

Who is Dexter Jackson and what is his net worth 2018? Dexter Jackson, who is otherwise known as Dexter “The Blade” Jackson was born on November 25, 1969. He is an American ‘International Federation of Body Building & Fitness'(IFBB) Professional Body Builder and he is the winner of Mr Olympia body building championship which was in 2008. He hails from Jacksonville, Florida.

His physical status has a height of 5’6 168 cm, his weight is 225 Lbs 102 kg, his chest is 52” 132 cm and his arms is 20″ 50 cm. He was once married to a girl named Carol but things did not go well and they separated. He is said to have a passionate habit of collecting DVD’s and he claims that he is unbeatable at Madden on Play station.

Dexter Jackson Net Worth

Career: He was attracted to sports from an early age and he was passionate about karate and gymnastics. He was also interested in break dance. He was a 4th-degree black belt. He started his body building career from 1992. He participated in the Lightweight category of the NPC Southern States Championship and he stood third in it. After that, it took almost 7 years for him to actually begin his real professional career.

After that in 1999, he has participated in three contests which are termed as prestigious. He participated in contests like Arnold Classic and he stood 7th in it, Night of Champions where he stood 3rd, Mr Olympia where he stood 9th. After that, in 2007, he again took part in Mr Olympia and he finished it in 3rd place.

In the succeeding year, which is termed to be his year because he defeated his opponent Jay Cutler and took the title of Mr Olympia. After winning this competition, he became popular and his fame increased. In 2008, he has won many titles, which was again a special year for him. It was stunning to see in 2012 that, he, at the ripe age of 43, won the Masters of Olympia title, everybody was awestruck by his excellence.

He has won Flex’s “Athlete of the year male” in 2013. He has a record of holding or winning the fifth Arnold Classic in 2015. He also holds the record of participating for the maximum number of times, which is 17 times in the Mr Olympia show. It is observed that, till August 2016, he is said to have taken part in a total 78 body building contests, out of which he has won 25. His fan following has always been increasing because he is constantly featured n magazines and newspapers regarding bodybuilding and fitness.

He was on the cover of the Muscular development and flex magazine. He is also said to be seen in some documentaries. He has released his documentary in 2009 which was titled as Dexter Jackson: Unbreakable and the video was filmed by Alex Ardenti of Ardenti films.

Dexter Jackson Net Worth

He is considered to be third riches body builder. His net worth is considered to be $7.6 million. His main source of income or salary comes from promotions and advertisements.

He surely does have a thing for cars and shoes. In his videos, he has shown us his work out regime and also his collection of cars and shoes. His collection includes 26-inch rims which hold up a tricked out Range Rover and also a 630 HP 6L V12 Turbo Mercedes-AMG S65.

Thus, Dexter Jackson has really awe struck us with his hard work, determination and perseverance. He has become a role model to those who wish to excel in this genre. He said that he has always believed that he could do something great for himself, he always liked to do things, whatever it might be, with concentration and dedication. He has, no doubt, proved his worth. He is not simply called “The Blade”, but for the fact that he has the ability to do which only can be dreamt of.