Devin Physique Net Worth 2019

Who is Devin Physique and what is his net worth 2019? Devin Zimmerman who is famous under the name Devin Physique was born on 13th of July in the year 1990 in Chino Hills, California. He was raised by single mother and has two sibling sisters. Devin was so thin during childhood that once his friend told him that he is so thin that he looks sick all the time. This was the time when he joined Gym, he still thanks his that friend for giving her honest opinion about him.

Devin started Gym at the age of 19. At the time when Devin left his high school, he was of 120-130 pound and after joining gym he gained approximately 60-70 pounds. Devin not only used to work hard in the gym but he also take care of his diet very much. He says that if you don’t maintain your diet then you can’t have a perfect body. He used to stick to his diet plan 5 days a week and eats 3-4 times meal of his choice in a week.

Devin Physique Net Worth

Devin other than being a very hard working bodybuilder is also a man having fabulous business mindset. He started posting his photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and is now running a big channel based on workout exercises and plans. When people start seeing his body transformation, they start getting inspiration by him. People from all around the world start following him and as his popularity start increasing he got a sponsorship from Shredz.

Devin is working with a team of Shredz which includes it’s CEO Arvin Lal and a team of 60 employees which works on protein diet of bodybuilders. Devin is currently working as brand ambassador of Shredz, he explains people the benefits of Shredz’s products and even himself consumes them. Devin is also running an online channel which sell complete diet plan and exercises to get perfect body shape.

In his personal life, Devin is not married and is never connected with any girl. He has his mother and his two younger sisters in his family. According to him, he is currently focusing on his career and does not want to get diverted at this phase of life. He also wants to give a happy life to his family as he remember how his mother used to work hard just to give them proper life and even after being poor his family always supported him for his dreams.

Net Worth of Devin Physique

Devin Physique is the fitness guru and internet celebrity of America. He has a net worth of about $2.2 million. He has transformed his body from a thin guy to a bodybuilder and making money by selling his workout plans on monthly subscriptions. He is selling his monthly subscription at $5 per month in which he includes workout tips and tricks, explained exercises and other bonuses that can give the dream body to a person.

Other than his online work, he also has sponsorship from Shredz which is also contributing in his net worth. He is becoming so popular with time that he has such recommendable wealth in just seven years. He has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and they are increasing rapidly as people get impressed by seeing his body transformation.

A new fraud has been revealed of the Shredz sponsored athlete, Devin Zimmerman or Devin Physique. Devin is a fitness trainer who trains people online to get fit body. In a recent scam, it is said that the pictures he shows on social media are quite different from his real personality. He accepted it and said that everyone in the industry do some makeup to look better and just by using some filters on Instagram he can’t become fraud.

Though, he tried to justify himself but his fans did not take the apology and said that a mistake done by everybody doesn’t make a mistake okay. It is also alleged on him that the diet plans he shares are actually not made by him but are prepared by his assistant Kelly Willett. It is also rumored that the Shredz’s CEO Arvin Lal is thinking of taking his sponsorship back from Devin but has not issued any official statement about it till now.

Devin Physique is a fitness trainer and internet sensation in the world of fitness .He is an inspiration for many skinny boys who have just passed out from high school. He sells his workout plans, diet plans and tips and tricks to get the dream body according to person. His portal is becoming famous day by day and we wish he can give more and more people fitness goals.