Christian Guzman Net Worth 2019

Who is Christian Guzman and what is his net worth 2019? Guys, we present to you the story of the American bodybuilder, Christian Guzman. Once a skinny guy, now one of the famous internet personalities, Christian has achieved the heights of success with his sheer hard work and dedication. This American descent is one of the most respected bodybuilders across the globe. His story will definitely assist you in tightening your dedication towards your career goals. Take a sneak at Christian Guzman’s life journey.

Early Life

The famous bodybuilder Christian Guzman was born on 20th February 1993 in Texas, United States of America. Christian had a lean body, due to which he was bullied in his schooling days. Little did he know that he would land up amongst the stars, Christian was encouraged to enter in the field of bodybuilding at a young age.

Christian Guzman Net Worth

He trained himself by watching gym training videos on YouTube. Eventually, Christian thought of setting up on own YouTube channel for showcasing his bodybuilding skills. He started his YouTube Channel in March 2012. Following this, he also started taking online training schedules and sessions for people worldwide. This is how Christian Guzman became a YouTube sensation as he grew his muscles and at the same time showcased them worldwide.

Education: Christian Guzman did his graduation from the Texas State University – San Marcos. During his college education times, Christian took immense interest in bodybuilding. However, he couldn’t afford a personal trainer in his initial days. Nevertheless, he started training himself with the help of YouTube fitness and bodybuilding videos.

Net Worth of Christian Guzman

Today, Christian Guzman is one of the YouTube Sensation worldwide. He has nearly 2.3 million subscribers on his channel from across the globe. Guys, any idea how much this young man earns, or what is his net worth? Well, we have the answer for you. This bodybuilder is said to have an estimated net worth of $2 million. His source of income is based on his online bodybuilding activities which further include his YouTube Channel and online bodybuilding coaching.

On account of his YouTube Fitness Channel, Christian earns an estimated $ 130,000 every year from his advertisements and gym training videos. He also earns by floating his advertisements on other social media too.

Christian Guzman is a successful bodybuilder who has taken the internet by storm. As far as his luxury lifestyle is concerned, he is said to have recently purchased one of the most expensive houses from Sims Luxury Builders.

Besides being a proud house owner, Christian’s taste of fashion and lifestyle can be easily made out from his outfits. His fashion wear includes style brands like Nike, Polarised Lens Retro Fashion Wayfarer Sunglasses, Chelsea Boots, Sandro Menstylica Shirts and much more.

This professional bodybuilder also flaunts his fleet of luxury cars in his garage. His collection of cars includes BMW i8, White Lamborghini, and Range Rover. As sources also said, Christian is also said to have recently gifted a Cadillac to his father on his birthday.

Christian Guzman started his YouTube Fitness by the name Intro To Channel (Natural Bodybuilding Christian Guzman) in the year 2012. In the beginning, there were only 5 subscribers to his YouTube channel. The subscriber count drastically rose in the accordance to the bodybuilding excellence that Christian showcased on his channel. Today, his channel has a subscriber count of nearly 650,000.

Also, Christian is the Chief Operating Officer of Alphalete apparel, which he had set up during his expansion in the fitness industry.

According to a recent news update, the popular American bodybuilder is dating fitness model Heidi Sommers. The duo is the most respected athletes on YouTube. They have recently revealed that they are in a relationship. However, the relationship news was kept a secret in their initial days. Also, as sources said, Christian Guzman was waiting for the right time to reveal about his new relationship with Heidi Sommers. He also said that he is very happy being in a relationship with Heidi.

Christian Guzman is an all-rounder human being. He has created benchmarks with his ultimate bodybuilding techniques, tactics, and dedication, and has also embarked on YouTube channel by attracting thousands of subscribers worldwide. Besides being the internet sensation, Christian’s love for his parents can be felt as he has recently gifted a car to his father. Whenever he visits his parents’ house, he always plans for holiday trips.

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