Bradley Martyn Net Worth 2019

Who is Bradley Martyn and what is his net worth 2019? Bradley Martyn is an American fitness model, body builder, YouTuber and online fitness coach. He was born on 22nd May 1989 in the United States. He was raised in San Francisco Bay area. His father committed suicide when he was just six years old.

So his mother alone took care of him since then. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles, California, United States. Presently neither there is not any news about him dating anyone nor he is married. So he is an eligible bachelor of whom many girls are dreaming of becoming a partner.

Bradley Martyn Net Worth

Education: He started going to the gym at the age of 15 years.He is graduated with a degree in business management from California State University. He is indulged with health and fitness industry from last 11 years. He can lift more than 22 stone while standing on a Segway which is in itself a great task which many cannot ever think of doing. He can even lift the huge dumbbell with ease which is an example of his incredible strength and balancing.r


In January 2006, he started his online fitness program named BMFit. He runs a clothing line as well which is called BMFIT. IN July 2012 he founded a company named AlphaCre8ivedesigns. Currently, he is the CEO of the company.

He is famous for his health and fitness channel on YouTube named Bradleymartynonline which was started in 2014. His channel has got 987 thousand subscribers in a short span of time since its start. By early 2017, the channel has around 800,000 subscribers and it has received 80 million views and it has reached to 992,00 subscribe and gained 106.8 million views by the February of 2017.

In 2016 he acted in a movie titled Boo! A Madea Halloween which was directed by Tyler Perry. It was released in October 2016. It was the 8th of the Madea series and the second film of the Madea. It grossed around $74 million. Bradley played the character of Frat Boy #9 in the movie.

He is the co-founder of Lean Meals Inc. which is a delivery service of fresh meals. He is helping people around the world to lose weight and build muscle. He has big muscles and a fantastic body with 26o pounds of weight and 5% body fat.

Net Worth of Bradley Martyn

The estimated net worth of this amazing bodybuilder is $1 million. He has achieved such an excellent net worth through his gym coaching, meal business, product line and YouTube Channel. His net worth is rapidly growing with the increase of the subscribers of his channel and the number of clients on his website for online fitness classes. His net worth includes stock investments, valuable and luxurious properties, online businesses and so on. He has built such an impressive net worth at such an early age which is an inspiration for the youth.

His channel earns an estimated amount of around $330 regularly and $120,000 on yearly basis from the advertisements that run on YouTube. He makes extra income from online fitness classes run by him and also from his company which delivers fresh meals. His coaching program for health and fitness through his website costing around $174 monthly. He also sells Supplements and meal plan to his client for providing nutrition. Being a fitness guru his business mainly revolves around providing fitness techniques and facilities for people. He earnings are increasing rapidly day by day and he is growing richer.

Recently Calum Von Moger who is from youTube fitness industry made a video titled “Quashing Beef With Bradley Martyn”. The video rapidly got popular over the internet and it talked a lot of positive words about Bradley and his behavior.

This young and handsome bodybuilder, fitness guru from America has earned a great wealth in such a small period of his life. In spite of several difficulties mainly the demise of his father he established himself as a strong man and proved that one can do anything if he really wished to do so. He is an inspiration for all those people out there in the world who cherish the dream of having a life with proper health and fitness. He is helping people to fulfill such dream of them. We wish him all the luck, success and great health for the upcoming era of his life.