Steve Nash Net Worth

Who is Steve Nash and what is his net worth 2018? Steve Nash is a well-known Canadian basketball player. He is now retired after playing basketball since he was in high school. Steve retired in 2015. He is well known for being an eight-time NBA all-star. People referred to his as NBA Most Valuable Player back in the days when he was playing for Phoenix Suns.

Steve Nash was born on February 1994 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The precise date of birth was the 7th of the above-mentioned month. He was born to Jean and John. He attended St. Michael’s boarding school which is a private school situated in Victoria. After completing his high school, he joined Santa Clara College and was lucky to get a scholarship for the 1993 to 1993 season. He graduated with a degree in society. Way before starting to play basketball, he played not only hockey but also soccer.

Steve Nash Net Worth 2018-2019

Steve Nash has had several relationships and commitments. Steve was involved with Geri Halliwell back in 2000. He later started dating Elizabeth Hurley in 2001. Between the years 2005 and 2012, he was married to Alejandra Amarilla, but they divorced. In that marriage, they were blessed with a son they named Matteo and two twin daughters namely Lola and Bella.

Since 2010 while still married to Alejandra, he was in a relationship with Brittany Richardson, but they separated in the year 2015. Presently, Nash is married to Lilla Fredricks. The couple exchanged their vows on 4th September 2016. There are no records of a kid in the latest marriage.

In 1996, he was lucky to be selected in the NBA draft by Phoenix Suns. That marked the commencement of his professional career as a basketball player. He left the team in 1998 to join Dallas Mavericks. In the new team, he played together with Dirk Nowitzki. He decided to return to Suns in 2004. The replacement of coach D’ Antoni by Terry Porter made Steve miss his first match after his return.

He began to apply the defensive style of basketball. Steve was traded to Log Angeles Lakers on 11th July 2012.Though having considered moving to either New York to Toronto, St3eve Nash settled for the Los Angeles Lakers for the sake of his family. He announced his retirement on 21st March 2016 while playing for Lakers. Not even Cleveland Cavaliers’ interest in him made him change his mind about retiring.

Steve Nash Net Worth

Steve Nash’s career birth has been nothing but successful. Being an outstanding basketball player has made him get paid very well throughout his career. That explains why he has a net worth of $100 million. Moving from Phoenix Sun to Lakers meant a better offer and consequently more money.

Steve Nash is a retired basketball player. He started his career in 1996, and he had been a good player. Having won NBA all-star title eight times just tell how great Steve Nash was in basketball. He has had a controversy of cheating on his wife and eventually leaving her.