Scot Pollard Net Worth 2019

Who is Scot Pollard and what is his net worth 2019? Scot Pollard is acknowledged as an American based retired basketball player. In span of eleven years working in NBA career, the player played for five different teams, devoting the major part of his career by the Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings. Net worth of Scot Pollard is mainly amassed mainly from his contribution in basketball, get more details below:

Early Life

Pollard was recognised as one of six children in one sincere Mormon based family; however he never incorporated that religion. His father named Pearl Pollard worked to play basketball at prestigious university i.e. the University of Utah. For period of three years, the basketball player played high school based basketball at one high school located in San Diego prior shifting to Kennewick, in Washington to play in his senior years.

Scot Pollard Net Worth

He finally completed graduation from Torrey Pines as well as appeared in University of Kansas, the place where he did graduation in year 1997 through a degree attained in education. When playing for NCAA basketball, this player completed sixth in history of Jayhawks among free throw revolvers by 358, fourth in rebounds by 850, as well as ranked second in blocked shots by 218.

Apart from this, the basketball player was acknowledged across NBA for his atypical hairstyles. This included a Mohawk, recognised as a single pony tail, as well as bald head. In year 2006, he presented a latest hairstyle during the time he put on two pony tails throughout a Pacers home game played against the Seattle SuperSonics.


Pollard was designated 19th overall in year 1997 NBA Draft by Detroit Pistons, by whom he made debut throughout 1997-98 NBA season. Moreover, in 33 games he played with Pistons, he made average of 2.7 points, 2.2 rebounds, as well as 0.3 assists each game. This player was dealt to Atlanta Hawks for Christian Laettner, however Pollard was never suitable for game played with them as well as was surrendered nearly after a month. It is known that Pollard was traded to Sacramento Kings, the one whose management was made in the centre of constructing an effective playoff team during that time.

This basketball player spent 2002 to 2003 NBA based season beset by injuries. After occurrence of this season, he was dealt to Indiana Pacers. Moreover, Pollard made an average of 3.2 points scored, 3.4 rebounds, and 0.4 assists per game. Furthermore, he played one average of nearly 12 minutes for each game. Pollard’s deal made with Pacers terminated after 2005–06 season.

In year 2006, Pollard also contracted one-year deal with Cleveland Cavaliers. In the next year, Pollard also agreed one-year deal with Boston Celtics. Moreover, Pollard selected #66 in form of his latest uniform number, as well as humorously claimed he took it as he will not be permitted to possess three 6’s. In the next year, Pollard triggered small controversy during the time he appeared in camera in a 20-second break and stated that “Hey kids, do drugs.”

In 2007–08 season, Pollard worked to host “Planet Pollard,” recognised as a section of the show entitled as Celtics Now, broadcasted on Comcast SportsNet. He made visit of many locales and frequently submitted tours as well as details regarding place he visited. In year 2008, in one game played against Atlanta Hawks, Pollard registered in for color commentator named Tom Heinsohn on platform of CSN New England’s game based telecast. This player, who was actually out for that season after left ankle operation, has colour analyst familiarity by Sacramento Monarchs of WNBA and Sacramento Kings.

Net Worth of Scot Pollard

Throughout his career, Scot Pollard has attained an enormous amount of salary right from his successful career in this sport. It is estimated that his present net worth is about $40 million. Pollard attained major fame and wealth by working in NBA by playing in many games held against team consisting of competitive players.

Scot Pollard is now a retired basketball player who enjoys his huge wealth by making a successful career. Pollard made noticeable rebounds, average points as well as win in many leading basketball games he played.